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Highest state of management: Need not manage
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Business management does not have best mode, only appropriate.

The industry that is in as a result of the enterprise is disparate, located market environment is different, located development level is different, manage mode also similarities and differences. Cannot be covered with a matrix or copy copy word for word, more cannot dehisce Coke Cola, close buccal IBM, global company. China can not equal they, the thing that can have had only is drawn lessons from fumble, the choice suits the route that he takes.

Want to become " do-nothing and treat " run highest state, the author thinks to should be built in following over a few premise.

It is to build systematization, standardization, system to change, science runs a system practically, the standard that includes company system runs the company job technological process with standardization, execute standardization management. Come with scientific and effective system the behavior of normative employee, come tie and incentive everybody. Every branch, post, everybody has his cause, of form a complete set have reasonable performance assessment, execute management by objectives. Let all employee know what to should do, what ought not to do, how should do. Build a business each flow and standard, handle affairs by the chapter, is not the way that different person has each each, each read aloud each

"Classics " . Running a system scientificly is an enterprise efficient the base that run, serve as a foundation without the system, again good business also is no good, management also won't go up. Accordingly, framework of system construction, organization is straightened, communication drive mechanism is built it is too important to business management to wait, indispensable.

The group of a be the leader composition that has powerful leader force 2 high performance. The industry moves quickly: 80% rely on a system to drive, the 20% groups that rely on prominent leader to guide lead force to pull move, push-pull is united in wedlock, form resultant force, the car just can run more quickly. The leader of high performance should have the strategic eye of stand high and see far already, short-term strategy goal grows in making, want to have powerful executive force again, the target that makes the organization is fulfilled reach the designated position, ability can have good result. The leader wants to be able to exert his influence, want can incentive subordinate, coach subordinate, meet again effective accredit, develop the potential of subordinate to acme, lead the cause of the everybody's fast and efficient group that finish. The leader place of high performance has the leader force with powerful some, also be an enterprise benign the base that run.

3 it is the company culture with propose form good, come with good culture, concept the act that all gets stuff. The enterprise is in the course that run, want to sum up those who abstract oneself to run concept system, include view of purpose of viewpoint of value, mission, business, spirit of enterprise, talent to wait a moment, engraft through organizing the form such as activity, system and transmit the public of enterprise inside and outside, employee, form a kind of health, active up atmosphere, let employee do not work for a compensation only, of the job happy, those who play is happy. Enterprise since army, school, it is a family, can exercise oneself, increase oneself professional accomplishment and omnibus quality capacity, what can experience big family again is warm, provide human nature to change more, the enterprise has cohesive affinity, centripetal force more, can the heart of tarry employee, make enterprise and employee can long-term perpetuation, joint growing development, sustainable manage.
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