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The world cup in the office
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The company is like team, the boss resembles a coach, employee is a player

Common saying says: "Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance, each takes what he needs. " the world cup concede points that holding confuses insanity, and to duty field go-between, the eye of the bowel that use office views court, if say the company is like team, the boss resembles a coach, employee is a player, what kind of choice can you have? In the investigation that future makes recently without care, have 36% sufferred the person that visit to choose Brazil, Argentina, feel such group is medium ability of individual of be particular about, to the individual development has vast space. Of 31% suffer force of the person that visit to hold out team of Germany of old brand powerful force, admire rigorous, be particular about those who hold a group in the arms to fight is discipline, disciplinal. Of 13% suffer the person that visit to have deep love for Holand, Spain team, although such group lacks stability, but still originality of one meaning pursuit and passion.

Forward is a football ground on most get the hero that fix eyes upon, win the ray of everybody recognition the most easily, and sale ministry is the branch that shows performance the most easily, have 24% so suffer the person that visit to express in succession, want to take on most sale, become the forward in the company, urge a city to unplug contest, can let a boss see his result; The suffers the person that visit to be in a company gladlier Technical Division that respectively 2 is become or it is work of department of the market, public relations, they express, what technical backbone resembles green mattress field going up is medium field engine, in be of each company run development to contribute wisdom, and the waist before market commander in chief just is just as, the ability that relies on junior high school assists battle to fight the teammate in forefront people win a victory beautifully. Still have even more 1 those who become suffer the person that visit to be willing to make puissant rear service, even if realises the job such as customer service, administration takes pain to not to please sometimes, but is puissant logistics frame-up the full back that goes up like field? Carry a dirty work, tired work, guard the honor that involves a group and achievement, carry for ahead force at the same time assist. Interesting is, the person that chooses to do a coach is least, occupy only 6% , look everybody thinks, as decision-making layer, the issue that the coach should consider is too much, the brains that does not have Shen Mi and driving heart cannot be assumed.

Star of star employee VS

If the company is an old team, so the big star that the medium person that above average works in the same place to go up as field beside us. After all the good opinion that what kind of star arouses everybody the most easily, where is the self-identity that gets authority? Investigation shows, the most welcome star is not only should have cacique ability, and have even exceed good person predestined relationship, resemble Luonaerdiniao, have breathtaking afraid ode and rain to give birth to the affinity that all comes to, although do not have Jun Lang's appearance, but his lovely smile gives teammate people brought comfort and encourage, the person that no matter the men and women suffers,visit all the view with same hold. It is to resemble Qidanei conceiving stunt personally so next, dan Qianxun is civilized " gentleman " star, got consistent praise highly of everybody. Flesh wound does not leave front line, of lead one's men in an act " Ares " star also got of 14% those who suffer the person that visit approbate. Resemble Lu Ni, C
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