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Professional female is sure to keep in mind: Is Zhan grey also silk?
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The regulations of the office is really much still, what must not disposition fiery, be furious; Must not make the violent action that others cannot expect; Must not inherent and amorous person discharges everywhere; Must not cry, tears tear crosscurrent also is among them one of. Because overreaction meets week of person that meet with bring pressure; Office love will be disturbed the order of OFFICE; And perhaps show too strongly a bit cry often, can be borne for psychology by end force is poor, via having fresh gale wave, take on hard important task, weak, final meeting affects its profession career.

If this a period of time you become particularly sensitive, so, you also should search seek an account. What thing always lets you cry? Be the leader's criticism? Be too overworked? Is the sentiment that is classics early days intense? Be still physiology low ebb? Analyse, find out the rule. The ego mood that is you manages ready-made.

Come above all an actuating pressure little test, if be actuating pressure too big, so let pressure accumulative total arrive with its cannot susceptive degree, be inferior to giving oneself reduce pressure rapidly, not the job besides acceptance limits, not for boss of beyond the mark please or colleague, let oneself again and again stoop to compromise, do not raise exorbitant requirement to oneself, face pressure to enhance strength.

Have a lot of time, pressure does not come from merely at the job, the domestic problem in the life, same meeting lets you become flimsy, if take negative effect of the family into duty field, so, below unwitting circumstance, hard to avoid can be caused work in the same place or of the boss do not understand and veiled criticism, at that time you are about vigilant. If the case is complex, might as well appeal the psychological doctor at major, let him help you find the crux of the problem of the problem.

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