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What is just true it is with the person this
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Before a few months, the author visits the oil refine of Korea SK group to convert a plant on invitation. This Asia's biggest temper with fire changes an enterprise to be located in the Wei Shan of Korea the eastpart part, the plane that we take Han Yahang empty company from head go before Er. Because visit exhaustion day after day, the plane takes off, oneself were asleep. When when awaking, the teapoy before discovery board go up to sticking an elegant brief note awesomely, because you are resting, our inconvenience disturbs you, if have need,contact us please. Look at that brief note, I feel special warmth.

Not come singly but in pairs. It is after a few days, the author answers Beijing after Shenzhen attends a meeting, the teacher of the person of the same trade that still has other school. As a result of traffic issue, when waiting for us to hurry to the airport, time is already special and nervous. Very earnest ground tells the ground personnel of domestic some airline we were late, she says baggage cabin has been shut, baggage can follow next flight only; And when there still is a fruit in the baggage that knows us when her, she is to say pressing formulary fruit is to cannot follow more of next flight, this means us to must abandon serving as the fruit of gift and intention then. In whole process, the inhospitality of her countenance lets us feel he made wrong child namely, our requirement is " unjustifiable " .

Although the example above is of concerned client, but employee also belongs to this manage. Through contrast we can be mixed more simply straight white geographical solution " it is with the person this " , the need that is a person then should get respect and be satisfactioned appropriately.

Alleged esteem needs, admit people can have need namely, and go understanding this kind of need on the footing that can stand in him. When when people normal and reasonable need is admitted publicly, "It is with the person this " just also had a base. But be below Oriental culture setting, because fear be rejected or needing is,be identified by other organization member, people is not to like to discuss need forthrightly very much, but this does not mean everybody to do not have need absolutely. To satisfy the individual's need, people often takes covert inefficient perhaps kind, these are adverse normally to organizing whole.

In fact, satisfy the need of people, it is the reasonable need that is recognized by the organization of course, won't create a problem not only, meet instead dredge employee state of mind. Here, need is special those who point out is, effective organization should be the need of steadily contented people. If organize the need that can satisfy people steadily, the organization affects employee effectively people need. They know what kind of need to be able to be satisfied certainly inside the organization, and the organization cannot satisfy what kind of need, this also conduces to the need that controls employee from a respect. A few invalid organizations, it is the need in people satisfies regulation of respect neither one normally. Think when each person inside the organization oneself need is reasonable, at this moment the requirement that although try dog-tiredly to satisfy each person,organizes, what is that euqally " it is with the person this " .
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