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To apply for a job " smooth light a group of things with common features " get t
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They do not have English 6 class, computer all sorts of 2 class high qualitative diploma that attract eyeball, play says he is duty field " smooth light a group of things with common features " , but they are signed successfully already however about, win than was being won ahead of schedule with age person in the process that apply for a job. Yesterday, a few college graduate told about strategy of his to apply for a job to the reporter.

Case one

Wang Donglin is the student with thought politics professional education, already had sent two resume. The first is cast school of river lasher foreign language, however book of offer one's services was retreated very quickly. He says the school of Chengdu is squeezed, the threshold is high, a few applicant have English 6 class, computer 2 class certificate, under photograph comparing, oneself English 4 class and computer one class certificate appears inferior by comparison. Wang Donglin sends the 2nd resume to middle school of the hill austral continous this world. Final his conquer the fellow student with a lot of better than him achievement, be servantchoosed a person for a job the favour of the unit. Speak of reason of get the upper hand of, wang Donglin says, he undertook ego one time measure first: Have English 4 class certificate, computer one class certificate, mandarin of the at least such as one second certificate " a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success " , hold the position of student cadre, have very strong expression capability and constituent plan capacity. In interview, he stresses his dominant position, win a victory finally.

Case 2

Stress social activity ability

Information management and the fixed position that student Liu Di gives information system major him are to enter an enterprise to do basic level to work. During the university, he used a lot of time to exercise speed of his practice ability, begin. He says, a lot of companies not quite the study result that cares about you, won't not take English because of you 4 class and computer 2 class certificate and negative your other ability, it is OK that the dominant position that wants you only and post photograph match. When book of the offer one's services that make, activity of the extracurricular practice that he used much space to tell about his, mass organizations, student works to take exercise with what get from which, book of offer one's services casts 21 centuries after praedial company, personnel of invite applications for a job noticed his social activity ability instantly, inform he accepts assessment.

Case 3

Look for good news channel ahead of schedule

Dai Xiaohua also is the student of information management and information system major, in double anthology Chengdu branch is sold with TCL electric equipment before the meeting the autograph was made an appointment with. Her experience is, look for good news channel ahead of schedule. Dai Xiaohua is in big 3 period begin to get online the homepage that browses a few big companies, according to the position of the enterprise the requirement prepares resume, the invite applications for a job that marks these undertakings clearly is met information. At the beginning of October, when a lot of students just began to plan book of offer one's services, she has sent the book of offer one's services that can show her talent adequately to the United States, the big company such as Er of long rainbow, sea, TCL.
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