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How to capture an opportunity to get high pay?
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High pay is the pursuit target of a lot of people, because " the person goes toward altitude, water flows toward small part " , what who does not look forward to a day to pass is better, is life quality some higher? But, work in painstaking overworked, not high salary runs like marathon however, perpetual, without sth hoped for and likely to happen. With great difficulty longed to come Jin Jiuyin 10, capture an opportunity to make a step, it is the main chance that duty field person drives tide. So what right way does seek high pay have? How can ability take a few roundabout way less on the road that beg firewood? What how promote is him " contain Troy " , make oneself costlier? The opportunity of 10 came Jin Jiuyin, how do you seize an opportunity, touch Phnom Penh, drape silver-colored gown?



Getting high pay is not blind and beg, high pay income person the advantage that goes up besides primary quality is the key that they win high pay, in addition, even right the following 7 problems understand clear, heart to know abdomen bright, such ability measure accurate, rational to have according to, the bosom friend tells the other, emerge victorious in every battle.

One, know market level

Talent price mirrorred a supply demand relations actually, accord with law of value. Current, the to the talent demand on the market how? Detailed dot says, it is yourself belong which kinds of talented person, at present market supply demand relations how? Future inside 5 years, will the price of this kind of talent be what goes situation?

The decide the issue of the battle with final life depends on duty field, and the decide the issue of the battle of duty field depends on " office business " on any account, go all out in work to need to have on duty field taller " office business " . Professional personage forbids to oneself fixed position, it is occurrence firewood fulfil anticipates the as commonnest as what not agree with actually problem. You pull a cart merely, do not look up see a way. Market level came, you do not know right-down however, still think him salary is good, on on-the-job field successful, the result steps in this round of prices empty; More people are assertive, feel to pass change, contented, raise oneself, skill and experience are more rich, advantageous income material benefits and working environment, also should subsequently and come, existing to oneself firewood proposes a toast level feels dissatisfactory, what does not know market harships irregular change, the front faces storm cutting down the member of persons employed, the job became an issue, and oneself lie to the change of the market and prices ignorance and blind condition, oneself psychological price still is rising highbrowly however. So, decide definitely in the market to give oneself, a when the choice makes before professional quality evaluation and profession seek advice from guidance to already became a lot of talent to apply for a job, obtain employment and preparation to find new job important basis and reference, the duty field that acquires clarity thereby develops train of thought, just compete in order to answer to increasingly intense person, with mutation of wind and cloud, unpredicatable market situation.
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