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Undergraduate social status, who said to calculate?
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An investigation of labor and social security ministry showed this year in March, went into town 2006 Wu is versed in the monthly pay of the farmer anticipates on average is 1100 multivariate. And this year's university removes firewood graduately to fall again, drop to 800 yuan even the following, come so, "The undergraduate is versed in as the farmer " argumentative near future is on the network as one falls. Undergraduate social status after all value geometry? Who said to calculate? Profession of career of exposed to the sun seeks advice from an orgnaization to think, geometry of undergraduate social status, the market is the person that decide. In addition, case do not delimit can simply between firewood and undergraduate social status equal-sign.

According to predicting, number of countrywide college this year's graduates was 2006 4.12 million, will add 2007 control to 4.8 million person, add all previous wait for obtain employment graduate, the undergraduate that needs obtain employment actually is in above of 5 million person. After exceeding requirement substantially when supply, social status of this year's graduates drops again, it is the inevitable result that accepts market option. Once, circulating in college graduate " undergraduate students 3000, the Master is unripe 5000, doctoral student 6000 " base salary concept, and nowadays, numerous investigation data shows, the anticipation of graduate of this year's college to monthly pay in successive years drops, already fell to be controlled to 1000 yuan. Wisdom couplet invite applications for a job and east are spatio-temporal the data of first phase investigation August shows, the undergraduate of 69.2% can be accepted even " zero salary " obtain employment. Accompany the elapse of time, the market will give each graduate an answer eventually, or the job that is a satisfaction, or it is a goodish post, or is to continue to search wander. Meanwhile, the market also can measure a body to each graduate and of appraise " the price " , this is the result of superior bad discard, also be the result that the market chooses.

In addition, from undergraduate oneself for, expert of program of profession of CCDM of career of exposed to the sun points out, the undergraduate also is not the person that the passivity of market price case is accepted, "Social status " still depend on on certain level the degree that the individual tries hard. This includes, in to apply for a job and obtain employment initial stage, undergraduates can pass those who raise oneself inside professional career is temperamental skill of career of the profession outside reaching will to oneself appreciate. Among them inside professional career temperament includes acuity of state of mind of professional disposition, profession, profession to wait. Education oneself is rigorous, be realistic, serious, responsible professional disposition mood can make unit of choose and employ persons right oneself more favour, and good professional state of mind is the safeguard that finds ideal post finally. Professional acuity is pair of industries and the susceptibility that post changes not only, one kind is searched and discovery suits him and can provide the capability of profession of capacious development space and post for oneself more. The professional mastery of a skill or technique that professional career skill includes adroitness outside, better appearance figure, good style style of conversation, right human truck capacity is waited a moment. Of course, as authoritative profession the program seeks advice from an orgnaization, division of program of profession of CCDM of career of exposed to the sun emphasizes, no matter be inside career temperament or outside professional career skill, should locate with clear profession and plan to be fiducial, otherwise, the undergraduate still can be pulled by the market only nose goes, cannot master obtain employment market to counterpoise actively.
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