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4 large trades are good this year apply for a job
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According to statistical bureau newest findings shows, this year first half of the year, post of Tianjin obtain employment increases significantly, gross of personnel of obtain employment of unit of whole town town is achieved 1.933 million. Among them, industry, the society serves industry, information is transmitted, computer service and software industry, accommodation and meal course of study the labor demand of 4 kinds of big industries is the biggest.

The talent demand such as line of business of information industry service is big

Worker worker of peasant of the member that town unit is added is most

In recent years, include 3 endowment the other economy unit such as the joint stock company develops all sorts of enterprise, affiliations quickly, increase continuously from personnel of course of study, make the main medium of communication that this city obtain employment grows. Up to by June, in gross of obtain employment of unit of whole town town other economy unit from personnel of course of study 849 thousand person, than last year the corresponding period adds 49 thousand person. State-owned economy unit from personnel of course of study 976 thousand person, reduce 20 thousand person compared to the same period.

Unit of whole town town increases staff in, most is recruit 27 thousand person from the country, occupy 25.9% what increase from personnel of course of study entirely, basically be the peasant worker worker that of all kinds unit uses, already made the important medium of communication that town unit increases from personnel of course of study; It is employ this year's graduates next 14 thousand person, occupy 13% ; Recruit unemployed personnel from town 12 thousand person, occupy 11.4% .

Half an year 42 thousand person removes labor contract

Additional, the chief factor of each unit depletion of numbers is to stop (remove) labor contract, of all kinds unit of whole first half of the year town is stopped (remove) labor contract 42 thousand person, 39% what occupy all depletion of numbers; It is to leave emeritus resign or be discharged from office next 15 thousand person, occupy 14.3% ; On guard worker turns to be absent although hillock personnel already decreased in great quantities, but there still is 13 thousand person first half of the year, 12.5% what occupy all depletion of numbers.

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