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The undergraduate makes 5 move that good profession plans
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Compere: Look the process that the university also is him him argumentation 4 years, beautiful university is opposite 4 years the assessment of own disposition, see oneself follow external whether does the environment match, adjust in time, should very envy these undergraduates, among the process that the undergraduate plans in the profession now, gave a problem to be able to be corrected, they have an opportunity to correct at least, and this room that corrects earlier is bigger, be in otherwise time is insufficient when Dasiyi graduates. What is the measure that excuse me expert profession plans?

Li Jiahua: Doing a profession to plan basically is 5 measure, the first should decide one wishs scene, this method is very simple, let everybody draw a circle, you tell everybody, you are the circle that how draws, everybody knows to want to use compasses, want to encircle to nod above all, this is nodded even if yourself's profession locates, deepen from this go out. The 2nd measures a radius, this radius is your occupational can domain, this is the first pace should have to wish scene.

The 3rd part makes implement power, when carrying out, emphasize decomposing a big target into different little cause, of one pace go doing, time concerns, cannot spread out.

The 4th makes evaluate, your professional target and profession plan, the profession wishs scene after can finishing this profession plan to plan to come out, you must evaluate him, 3 months it may not be a bad idea, a year of it may not be a bad idea, should do at least one year evaluate.

The 5th profession that adjusts you plans. Any time make a profession the program is not late, but should not want early late, program of profession of the 2nd any is impossible one-time finish, want to undertake adjustment. Pass after adjusting, what deny namely finally is a new affirmation in the negative, such one pace, final your professional program theory comes up say to be able to come true.

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