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How can just raise the successful rate of to apply for a job
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One, detailed plan is made before to apply for a job. To apply for a job person comprehensive and detailed plan should be made before to apply for a job, it includes the assessment of pair of oneself ability, the position place that applies for to preparation needs the ability of which respect to understand somewhat, your competitor is main the ground is which kind person, they and you are compared, have what advantage, what inferior position to have again? Return the channel that should decide good to apply for a job at the same time, be like: Be to pass the channel that to apply for a job has on the net or carries a tradition to go to apply for a job? Or be union of photograph of two kinds of methods goes to apply for a job? Or be to pass the means of offer one's services to go to apply for a job? These must decide according to the actual condition of your individual. Grandchildren says: "Calculate more get the better of, calculate less deeply, besides without calculate? " .

2, the understanding with the due and corresponding position to wanting to apply for. To apply for a job person the position that applies for to oneself only has certain knowledge, ability around this position, draw up the resume that has specific aim, when interview ability puts forward at a few distinctive opinion related this position, such ability raise the successful rate of to apply for a job greatly. For example, what you apply for is the position of advertisement article table, if have corresponding knowledge to this position, writing resume or meet when interview introductory yourself is in consciousness or a not self-conscious important place the advantage of the harmonious ability of literal strength, human relation and originality respect, and won't because of interpret without real understanding, behave your ability in literal strength respect only, want to know, table of an advertisement article person it is more important that originality ability and synergic ability compare literal skill sometimes.

2, a case that tells about a certain success that you ever had become as far as possible, will behave your remarkable ability with this. Because the conviction of the case is the strongest, but this should have skill ground to guide official of be in charge of an examination to listen to you seriously to tell ability to produce its biggest effect very much. How can you just accomplish this?

⑴ , fall in the premise that maintains authenticity, want to compile this record so that have story sex, clue sex as far as possible beforehand.

The interest with a ⑵ , case strong generation that should cause the other side to want to tell to you first before tell about. For example, the likelihood makes a brief introduction to this case, labyrinthian to it perhaps sex, difficult sex, legend sex does to generalize, making the other side asks you automatically this detailed course of each case is how, next you can say such likelihoods want to spend many somes of your time, at this moment the other side falls in the drive of curiosity, consider must not so much, can call you to be told as soon as possible.
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