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Obtain employment of success of undergraduate laborer market
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Since Andemen after laborer market opened window of undergraduate obtain employment, often have in latter market should go to an undergraduate discrepancy apply for a job. Half short lunar time, already resume of 50 undergraduates deliver registers to apply for a job, the person that seek advice more more than 200 people. As we have learned, at present 20 undergraduates were on working station via introducing.

Undergraduate laborer market applies for a job

"Can receive 35 resume everyday, advisory person is more, my small well-informed become a hot line. " Yan Zhaolong says, the undergraduate that in him here registers is a this year's graduates more, can introduce everyday 1 to 2 people obtain employment. Be compared and character, science department kind graduate, wait like mechanical, chemical industry, electric automation, find the job more easily, and the unit of choose and employ persons of this respect is more also; And liberal art kind graduate, if meeting, economy manages law, industrial and commercial management, money,wait, obtain employment face is gotten with respect to stricture much.

Outstanding graduate is anxious for the job

In the material of to apply for a job on desk of severe million grand, reporter discovery theres is no lack of among them relatively outstanding graduate. Jiang Mou of graduate of Nanjing medical university, not only English crosses 4 level, the computer crosses 3 level (slant soft) , and win scholarship for many times, still be the outstanding member of this school; Zhang Mou of graduate of Anhui industry college, english crosses 6 level, the computer crosses 2 level, win scholarship for many times; English of Li Mou of graduate of Nanjing project college 6 class, the computer one class, the school is outstanding class cadre, outstanding member...

Reporter and they acquired connection medium that day, this graduate says, graduation near half an year, he himself also did not remember running how many times the invite applications for a job of talent market is met, still can be empty-handed, want only now it is not to calculate too poor job, he wishs to try.

Obtain employment does not cross much dispute salary

"The first job must not cross much dispute salary. " the case that Yan Zhaolong takes his daughter every time advises these undergraduates. Yan Zhaolong says, his daughter is the undergraduate that foreign language school recommends formerly, there are two colleges to be willing after graduation employ her, but final what she chooses is salary of a try out the travel company that has 300 yuan only. Come down a few years, she already became a director nowadays, took high pay naturally.

Before paragraph time, a law applies for a job before professional undergraduate students, the pay pay on resume of to apply for a job is 2000 yuan. Yan Zhaolong did not receive his resume, tell him to find such job impossibly in laborer market. He reminds the undergraduate that applying for a job everywhere, the first job is to make you familiar society, get used to a society, must not too too captious.
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