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Successful - state of mind is very important
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On this generation, only is the most important have a person only -- yourself, on your body, carrying an invisible a magic weapon constantly, of this a magic weapon decorating 4 words at the same time -- active state of mind, across also is decorating 4 words -- inactive state of mind.
A magic weapon that this loses sight of can produce two kinds of striking power: Appearance of Song of Qian of fawn on of  forgive amaranth hires  of # of armpit of travel of arc ⒂ cleanse] party な ? also can let these things be far from at you, or the thing that all privative making that your life is full of a meaning. In these two kinds of force, former -- active state of mind -- the peak that can make you reach life, and linger hereat, the pleasure that all enjoys life and good; latter -- inactive state of mind -- the position that can make you are in a kind of ground floor in whole lifetime, pinch and misfortune pester a body all the time. Still have a kind of case, had reached peak when certain person when, perhaps can let latter pull them to slip and fall from peak, drop person trough.
Accordingly, to the success of one the individual's life and career, true it may be said of your state of mind is too important. If you maintain active state of mind, mastered oneself thought, if the life cause that leads it to be made clear for you serves, you can enjoy following and favorable result:
1. brings the successful consciousness; of successful environment for you
The healthy; of 2. physiology and psychology
The economic; with independent 3.
4. stems from love and the working; that can convey ego
The quiet; of 5. heart
6. does not have scared self-confident heart;
The friendship; with long 7.
8. macrobian and the life; that each respect can acquire a balance
9. is avoided set at ego be restricted;
10. understands the wisdom of oneself and other.
Contrary, if you are held in the arms,hold a kind of inactive state of mind, and made osmosis arrives in your thought, your job mixes shadow part of the day the life, you will savor is following and sequential:
The life; with 1. poverty and miserable collect
The disease; of 2. physiology and psychology
The ego that 3. makes you become commonplace is set be restricted;
4. is scared with the result; with ruinous etc
5. restricts you to help his methodological;
6. enemy is much, friend little;
All sorts of vexed; that place of 7. generation mankind knows
8. becomes the victim; of all and negative effect
9. succumbs under the volition in other;
10. lives a kind of decadent that is without a meaning to spend the life.
Since such, so are you the inactive still state of mind with active choice? If you do not choose former, and capture its word closely, latter can be forced to send automatically come to come, do not have between both any mix eclectically compromise. So, you must be in both in choice firstly.
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