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The human relationship that changes you requires 10 action only
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1, withhold an opinion: Beyond the mark conflict is profitless oneself and break self-restraint again. Normally, answer to not be eager to demonstrate his attitude or expressing an opinion, make people ascertain errant. Careful silent namely astute evasive.

2, know oneself: Promote oneself most outstanding talent, develop other field. Want to know oneself dominant position only, hold it, criterion all people can be in something is celebrated.

3, anything but hyperbole: Hyperbole has damage true, make the person produces place suspicion to your view easily. Astute person overcome oneself, show scrupulous attitude, conversation is crisp, anything but hyperbole him drive up. Exorbitant him estimation is a kind of lying form. It can damage your fame, produce very bad effect to your human relation. Have damage your mix tastily ability and wisdom.

4, acclimatization: Survival of the fittest, not beautiful too much energy is on sundry, want to maintain the relationship between nice fellow. Not everyday play the peacock, otherwise others will feel drab to you. Must make the person always feels some kind of novelty. Reveal the person of a bit to be able to make the person holds hope everyday, won't bury your gift.

5, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness: Learn the advantage of others, make up for oneself inadequacy. In having communication with the friend, want to use modest, friendly manner to treat each person. Treat the friend as teacher, will useful the verbal confluence that has knowledge and humour is together, if what you say, calm meeting is praised, what you hear is knowledge surely.

6, concise and comprehensive: Concise can exhilarating, make the person likes, make the person is accepted easily. Conversation is expatiatory and burdensome, can make a person spellbound, make a person cheesed, and you are met of ground of short of eye. The clarity of concise palpability is tonetic, regular meeting makes your get twice the result with half the effort.

7, anything but above oneself: Often hang oneself good qualities in mouth edge, often be before others the advantage of play the peacock. This is aeriform debased others and drive up oneself, its are to make as a result person more look down on you.

8, complain anything but: Complain can make you lose credit. When the thing that oneself do did not succeed, want to be brave in to admit oneself inadequacy, make the thing is done hard satisfactory. Measurable him self-criticism, can not make person look down on you, always emphasize objective reason instead, blame this, complain that can make others despises you only.

9, not lying, break one's promise: Lying to friend colleague meeting loses the faith that the friend works in the same place, make friend, colleague believes you no longer, this is you the biggest loss. Want to avoid mouthiness, want live up to one's word, impracticable would rather not say.

10, farseeing: Want to think of poverty when money carry be prosperous, this is accomplished very easily. Clever and factitious winter prepares. Must make friend more. Maintain the relationship between good friend colleague, sooner or later you can value the person that looks not important now or thing.
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