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HR makes the heart human affairs work than heart ability
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Russia is gotten a few years early thoroughly very oh, what must end buy to must discharge cue. This day, the poor is gentle in receive the task to want to entertain HR of a few foreign countries, then ground of special spare no effort cleans a house. Because of exert to one's utmost, do not take care so unexpectedly strand of oneself exclusive one handle broom. Gentle li of arris, drop sit on the ground, cry loudly. As it happens of HR of a few foreign countries arrives, see gentle li of broom cry bitterly that hopes the move is broken unceasingly, before changing to go up in succession, comfort.

The Japanese HR with powerful and prosperous economy says: "Alas, one handle broom cannot be worth how many money again, go buying not to go again! Cry so sadly why again? Cry so sadly why again??

Know the American HR with abide by the law law to persuade him: "I suggest your sometime goes to the court, charge produces this power the manufacturer of inferior broom, request compensation; Anyway lawsuit is hit was defeated, also need not you pay! Also need not you pay!!

The French HR of romantic by nature comforts: "You can give strand this handle broom, prove you have very strong muscle, that is brushstroke fortune, envy a the dead, it what you have again is good that what you have again those who cry? It what you have again is good that what you have again those who cry??

The German HR of be practical and realistic says: "Need not worry, everybody considers to look together, it is OK to can be found certainly must resemble broom agglutinate new euqally good with, it is difficult that method always is compared much! It is difficult that method always is compared much!!

A bit superstitious Taiwan HR points out: "Had been at ease, strand broom won't offend again what abstains from consuetudinarily, are you in after all what be afraid of? Are you in after all what be afraid of??

Listen to the advise of these foreign guests, those who have pity on is gentle in cry sadlier: " you do not understand, you say not be a reason; Real key is, I the team that have to will discharge most day tomorrow, ability can buy the broom with one new power; Cannot build you in that way the car went out to play together... cry, cry cry " !

Construct character philosophic theory: Lai of crisp  of Sou meat and fish dishes is able to bear or endure live abroad of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of Huang of  of  Nao model is thought of make colour of ⒁ of  of plaque of Scandium of  of low ǖ our school kisses  of Piao of grave of predestined relationship of Ju of encouraging Wan makeup delay the 4 Yu that lure Sun is comfortable Mie of round of  of Gui of Yun of tip of school  Yi Jiang the  that blow a sword, when you are being communicated with employee get on word respecting drop with respect to my law, cannot enter the heart of the other side more; Its result, be absurd absurdity necessarily. For this old Yang Jian discusses everybody: Before undertaking any communication, try to drop oneself idea first, real put oneself in other's position stands to the footing of the other side, think carefully for others, you will discover, those who make eventful love is interactive, can become imagine beyond besides easy.
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