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HR, must learn racecourse to be duped Bai Le
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Laoyang thinks all the time: Handler of profession of Chi 狧 R, the ability that identifies a talented person compares other ability occasionally more important, more god-given. One of responsibility of successful leader, identify potential leader namely; Successful HR, want to identify the talented person with applicable enterprise. This is not an easy job, but it is crucial however.

Times of age the Warring States, a person calls Bai Le, have skill very much to electing a horse, see the Ma Qun that pass via him, drive of fine of a thousand li or all of soft foot inferior horse can be arranged in order. After the Ma Qun of fabulous north has been carried via him, do not have good horse, friend says ' north group for it empty ' . Common people says for this summary " have Bai Le first, there is a horse that covers a thousand li a day after. " later, people calls the person of person of outstanding ability of a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge " Bai Le " . He wrote photograph horse result " equestrian classics " , later generations accordingly and photograph horse, often took a look however. More do the son that those who laugh is him, taking " equestrian classics " go photograph horse, chose a toad to come back unexpectedly, still speak plausibly and at length the ground says: "" equestrian classics " not be to have ' sound grand put oneself in another's position is solid, limb is slender for the horse of fine breed. ' ? " he confronts stupit son, forced smile ground says: "This ' horse ' ride to be not gotten also. " later generations often says with all sorts of feelings: "A horse that covers a thousand li a day often has, and Bai Le is seldom have. And Bai Le is seldom have..

Photograph horse is difficult, differentiate person of outstanding ability more not easy; Responsible ' photograph person ' HR, should have above all ' Bai Le ' eye, and even altruistic heart. In Ningxia, ceng Fasheng crosses child child 3 years old to make the political joke of national official. Advanced Russia, the Political Bureau chose a Mikhail Gorbachev when successor, russia instantly is immersed in a disorder and disintegrate, country situation go from bad to worse, in former days Kremlin one stamp, the male wind that the whole world quivers alls gone. Be in the United States, choose a president to always be passed intense choose unexpectedly, the president that elects is by no means mediocre person, the prosperity that assured the United States is prosperous and strong.

HR should identify fine foal and inferior horse, pull run on 10 rounds 8 rounds to competition ground, all nature are Anacreontic, this compares perusal 100 thousand " equestrian classics " should get actually reliably much. Photograph horse is inferior to horse race, this is self-evident. Regard competent HR as handler, still be necessary when organizing horse race average person often touchs beware of " ability is degressive the rule " happen, the person that hire a person namely always is apt employ ability the person under oneself.
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