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Successful HRM ought to avoid want a job, the commandment of handler
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Famous employer of civilian battalion industry, drink tea with Laoyang prattle when, in the light of contemporary HR manager (rectify to the enterprise actually therein high-ranking layer is applicable) the problem of existence, summary induced a few commandment make a figure of speech with using a plant respectively. Suggest my netizens are right, than, force avoids later, right to the worker to you the boss perhaps works in the same place to be able to have profit to yours.

It is can do mechanical work only, keep imitating other, won't seek breakthrough of ego innovation, ego, think to do much fault more, do little fault less, this is the parrot that does not have originality;

2 it is to encounter a problem, always be lock is worn mouth, be ashamed comes out at telling or do not wish to communicate communication with the person, by the thing bad go down, this is the shellfish that did not solve problem sincerity;

3 it is a bit does not have group spirit, do not wish to cooperate with others with share fruit, also ignore the opinion of other, consider oneself work oneself merely and all the day live in solitude, this is the wild wolf that cannot cooperate with the person.

4 it is pair of outside message reaction not acumen, do not agree to think, judgement, analysis, also do not wish collect, memory concerns message, as paying attention to the white paper of information assemble; Never work actively, everything suffers say " impossible " , the job rises the mood is low, self-conscious pressure is too great, affect this kind of pressure others, this is too discreet, inactive rock.

5 it is right the environment cannot suit, fluctuant to the market often not know what to do or be at a loss, to what envious, can be opposite only of others accomplish spread embroidered stories and malicious gossip and not be willing to learn to other, as a result agrees to stretch one's hand in the nobody when need is helped aid, this is the Gu that lacks popularity simian;

6 it is not to agree to pursue long, him breakthrough, cost consciousness is very poor, often declare invite applications for a job without limit arbitrarily cost, tackle key problem expend or what grooms cost is waited a moment, do not pay attention to manufacturing efficiency, do not know investment and yield principle, this is the sewage that can affect an environment very much;

7 it is to do not have individual definite idea, do not have footing more, understand only assentation strong, encounter the waver when dispute and stir up trouble, this is grass of pendulous the top of a wall.

8 be not time keeping, chang Chi arrives, dress is not whole, the speech takes thorn, do not respect another person, work or rambling or self-willed, care about the reaction of other far from, this is the pirate that does not have courtesy!

I wish we do HR do not have afore-mentioned defect; Dot having a place nevers mind actually, knew with respect to easy to handle, mended his ways to still can get entrepreneur people welcome!
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