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HR should learn the key about DELL president
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The computer that wear Er today have been the enterprise crossing a state that the whole world holds the balance. From do poineering work ten years ago now, patriarch wears Er (Michael Dell) in poineering government process, comprehend a lot of valuable management experience personally, be opposite for example the person's accredit.

When beginning to do poineering work as a result of Dai Er, still study in the university, was used to the habit of the work and rest of keep late hours. When the company just began to hold water, dai Er is the person of key of exclusive hold company. For these keys, he must rise early everyday; If one of these day because of particularly Mondayish and oversleep, wear Er to be able to see far 2, 30 people shake in company entrance idle, waiting for him to open the door.

A person with high aspirations and determination breaks up to wear Er computer then do poineering work history, when meeting discovery just held water, the company leaves before 9:30 rarely, hind gradually in advance arrives at 9 o'clock. Again later, dai Er begins to learning to give others the key, the company can open the door in standard at 8 o'clock feature eventually go to work.

Want those who go to hand over however, still be the key of office entrance door not merely. A day, dai Erzheng is in the office busy move solves complex systematic problem, an employee goes, complain the coin that says it is trafficced by coke machine ate off. Dai Er asks him: Stop  of hut qualitative contraction cuts Yao of Nao of hurry  Li into parts handsome

He says: "Because traffic the key of machine to just have you only, and only you just have right open and custodial of this machine " .

That momently, dai Ercai knows, should traffic the key of machine automatically to give others is custodial. Of course, dai Er gives subsequently of others, still include other all sorts of corporeal and aeriform keys. Can make these keys really when Daier after competent administrative person, dai Er eventually can take part in a battle with light packs, their company becomes what the whole world holds the balance to cross state-owend enterprise trade accordingly.

Laoyang comprehends from inside this example: The member that the Kingdom of Wei makes fun of  firmly to go straight towards tritium of box of  of  of Xi of Si of Liao of  of strong and pervasive fragrance of provide for of Huan of  of Bi Mo of Xing of cowardly of Cong of ψ of creek road  to press ┓ of danger of quail of flood dragon of ぷ sole ɑ to show  Xian Shina makes fun of  ends make an appointment with Xi of  of Γ of  of Hangzhou  core gum

We these manpower resource manage a person, now and then (or often) resemble inchoate Dai Er in that way, collect all " key " want to manage personally in the body?

If be, that is about to learn to learn the Dai Er of later period.

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