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One of stories of HRM philosophic theory
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The word says small grand will be about to attend elementary school commencement tomorrow, how to also get mental dot to take this one good time in memory, then he goes into the street cheerfully purchased a pants, regrettablly trousers grew two inches. When having dinner, take the advantage of grandma, mom and elder brother's wife attendant, small grand the problem that grows trousers two inches said, the everybody on dining table does not have reaction. The everybody after the meal goes busy oneself thing, this thing was not mentioned again.
Mom sleeps later, face the trousers that before sleeping, remembers the son will want to wear tomorrow to still grow two inches, cut trousers with respect to a stealthily person then weak point two inches had been folded and replace is in formerly. In midnight, fierce wind blows hard, window " crash " shut an elder brother's wife to sleep lightly, elder brother's wife comes to realize the trousers of husband's younger brother is two inches long abruptly, him position in the family hierarchy is the smallest, how is also he go doing, wrap around then the garment gets up to cut trousers two inches short fold nice gift to fall asleep. Old grandma becomes aware light, everyday one big early awake to do breakfast to go to school to small grandchildren, the trousers that grandchildren also remembers when water did not leave is two inches long, the cut the Gordian knot on the horse, cut trousers very quickly two inches short had folded.
Small grand dress new pants goes going to school, crus showed: New trousers full 4 inches shorter, law of along the line, be forced to counterpoise the trousers when newest tide, the commencement goes before skipping.
Administrative expert thinks: A group should become a major issue, direct, harmonious with the job is very main. Each has group middleman good will and enthusiasm are insufficient, should have controller guiding and complete all sorts of actions according to the regulation that already decided, division of labor; Do not handle affairs by established regulation, stem from good intention keep the public interest in mind to do the business possibly also bad; Manage a project such, running a department also is such.
The tacit synergic need in the group is accumulated for a long time come, the tie that should rely on to make clear more in the organization and drive will reach. Without regulation, do not become circumference; Employee has drive, cannot " towering " go, the influence of HR management is not next commands, decide regulation however, with lever.

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