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Of story of HRM philosophic theory
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The word says small town of some remote mountains still calculates flourishing: Own an a 3 large and communal public place of entertainment, hotel, department store... what only lacks is fire control bureau. Historical experience often also makes clear: Not was necessary to set fire control bureau on small town, because small town has some of small fire only. For these small fire, group of a pail was organized on the town, and the most crucial, bucket line is well-trained- - every month comes fire drill. The members of ferial bucket line busy oneself general affairs, run a store for instance or be serve in bar, but when noise of fire alarm bell rises, all bucket team member wants to carry his pail instantly in the hand, rush to be nodded to accident ground next.
A day, bell noise rises, the shop of blacksmith caught fire really! The members of bucket line are bringing respective pail instantly each with respect to everybody, but how does old Oscar also look for the pail that is less than him however.
The member of bucket line is in put out a fire of do all one can, but they were short of a pail, was short of a crucial figure, daily rhythm is thrown into confusion, force acute is decreased. Although they have made great efforts, but the stable that still must look at blaze helplessly to arrive from smithy change on the side...
Administrative expert thinks: In the organization that builds very well in a compose, each element is crucial. If the carry of a crucial factor is made,show an issue, answer to change or change its immediately, otherwise whole organization can be reached by disaster. As an outstanding HR, the position that stands in the boss when you is acting he examines an unit when some holds administrative issue, you can discover the problem should not return duty the vacancy of Yu Mou's individual; If vacancy of a certain person meets those who make accident friend, why does HD fail enough early does person of set good reserve reach reserve program? See space navigation bureau be when emissive orbiter, each operation backing of a remedial supports stock; Watch basketball team game again, get the better of the pitcher that often just changes a key in the most crucial hour to have a key cast (the cleverest the leader of a sports team still can stay remedial undertakes when one fails in crucial player player thoroughfare filling team member) . Still have, when brilliant doctor is becoming main operation, he won't plan a person to finish normally it (there is risk if be being done in that way) , he also can arrange a doctor to assist him, one can change in the thing the reliable surgeon that aid effect has when flooey will support him; Had this kind of support, the operation is sure and successful!
Whether does our HR that organizes us want too less to be done fewerly in this respect? If be, so ask you to had collected story of this philosophic theory, you can compare a lot of time other slightly better or two 3 prepare.

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