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Give the allegory of HR enlightenment
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Roadside is taking small snail, she asks mother: Why we from be born, be about to bear this carapace that weighs forcedly again again?

Mom: Because our body was not propped up skeletally, can climb only, climb discomfort again. Want the protection of this carapace so!

Small snail: Elder sister of caterpillar elder sister does not have bone, also climb discomfort, why need not she carry this carapace that weighs forcedly again again on the back however?

Mom: Because elder sister of caterpillar elder sister can become butterfly, the sky can protect her.

Small snail: But earthworm little brother also does not have bone to climb discomfort, the carapace that why doesn't he carry this on the back to be weighed forcedly again again won't also turn butterfly into?

Mom: Because earthworm little brother can get ground, the earth can protect him.

Small snail cried: We are very pitiful, the sky is not protected, the earth also is not protected.

Snail mom comforts him: So we have case! We do not rely on a day, also do not rely on the ground, we rely on ourselves.

Really, HR also resembles snail sometimes same, solve the difficult problem of the one after another, the key also relies on him only!

Prospective world is creating; by the individual of a few complete independence

Tomorrow you will how? Basically depend on today's we, depend on our knowledge, insight and quality and gift resource in order to produce the ability of fortune, foreign aids is finite after all. From now on, make joint-stock source, straighten a relation, do not have blind faith in so called luck and person arteries and veins. From after living today, solve difficult problem, lean from already; gets development, those who lean also is yourself!

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