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Hunt head firm has been longed for " hunter "
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Do " hunt head " this group, the mainest demand needs to have namely sufficient experience and can with " prey " conversational ability.

Young " hunter " very difficult take charge of a department alone

Introduce according to the personage inside Wuhan course of study, make a somebody new to a job truly mature hunter, education period needs 3 years at least. Just entered client data file basically is made when travel, it is client pay a return visit next, should go up to often arrive stage by stage in human relation processing hind, just begin to be in charge of seeking form, do not have particular fixed number of year accumulate, blend in this industry very hard truly. But in course of study of Jiangchen hunt head, outside dividing controller of company of each hunt head, by the industry senior personage turns and do " hunter " little little, young " hunter " suffer be restricted for a long time can of take charge of a department alone, it is can be counted on one's fingers more. A lot of wet behind the ears duty field is new person, no matter be to be on ability of experience of industry setting, society, negotiation, achieve hard with as the high level in the company " prey " people " trouble-free " communication level.

Most be afraid of devoid personal integrity " hunter " " apostate "

"The person is busy dizzy, ground of monadlist brushstroke pen comes, get me finally to be held single-handed however do. " Home Wu Changyi is famous controller of hunt head company says frankly: In year end such talent order for goods are thick as hail " hunt " good time, "Hunter " be in short supply, in making heart of hunt head firm the most painful. But under, she is the closest in succession counts day must " turn even the axis " .

Because of the relation of working property, "Hunter " people wander to be mixed at high-level leader between senior talented person, so can clear see with comprehensive ground so much the post that makes a person colourful admire, should the enterprise is cast to him come " olive " when, want to turn the apiration of travel is sent more intense. Accordingly, "Hunter " the hunt head trade that fluidity allows to be in short supply with respect to the talent originally has a place more " one disaster after another " flavour. As we have learned, hunter people flow direction, except turn outside travel, also have the start all over again of experience a bit a little, lack personal integrity a little more taking " old boss " information go and seek refuge with sb person of the same trade. Controller of company of several hunt head says, do " talent buying and selling " of the talent flow frequency of the company fast, do not lose any industry.

But enable a part-time job " hunter "

Because so busy that spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else does not have art, enabled pluralistic hunter to become hunt head firm to solve the one big outlet of hunter shortage difficult problem. Jiangchen comparatives the hunt head firm of one part has formal or informal part-time job hunter, the identity of these pluralistic hunter, with resource of company labor power responsible support of the people grooms the personage inside course of study is in the majority, have the characteristic with wide arteries and veins of seniority, person mostly.
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