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Bank competition aggravate causes hunt head heat
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Of orgnaization of foreign capital finance garrison in succession, the dilate of domestic bank, let banking talent become the resource with very popular at present. Firm of head of a few when I save famous hunt, received a piece recently another piece of bill that comes from domestic and international bank. Dig person and be dug, the talent contention between bank of China and foreign countries has some of intense interest quite.

Foreign capital bank should go to Hangzhou to dig a person

Before before long, come from the bank chief Pierre that France has hundred years history to come to Hangzhou. There is a special arrangement in his journey: The branch is opened to introduce resource of high labor power to prepare in China for them. Pass the recommend in Hang Pengyou, he finds resource of Hangzhou hunter manpower to develop limited company when 郞 of adviser of senior hunt head is jumped over, knew the state of bank person with ability of Hangzhou.

Later before long, the telephone call of controller of resource of labor power of bank of another famous foreign capital was received when Lang Yue, the means that the other side hopes to carry hunt head recommends manager of an advanced client for its, and point out hopes a few banks from Hangzhou place are medium hunt, compensation respect does not have limitation, can provide the pay treatment that has competition ability completely.

Meanwhile, some is stationed in Hangzhou in endowment the human affairs manager of the bank criterion adviser of Xiang Lie head spits bitter water greatly, the pressure that states at present manpower resource manages is very great. A few foreign capital and other place are stationed in Hangzhou bank to pass the hunt head firm of Shanghai, regard the target that dig hunt as their talent, at present should all right already a few tall canals are dug. Below this kind of situation, never had used hunt head they, decide the means that also uses hunt head digs horn actively, and a few mainland that this controller expresses to hope to decide target lock in place or state-owned big bank, the post that digs a person this includes president of subbranch of a bank and assistant president, and the client manager that has a large number of resource.

Horn is dug in this in big fight, the indebted and most talent that should be banking, occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, every time is dug can make its social status promotes greatly, the promotion of compensation can be in commonly 20%~30% above is more perhaps.

Demand of head of silver-colored go hunting jumps in recent years

The reporter tells when Lang Yue: "From last year since, the hunt head demand of the bank has apparent addition, this backside is orgnaization of foreign capital finance the fast dilate that is in China and domestic bank expand in great quantities the need that establishs a point. To foreign capital bank, basically be before two years in domestic position, began foreign capital bank to greet height of choose and employ persons gradually from last year, and the development as domestic banking, competition is even more intense. "
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