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Of hunt head confessional: My day when hunt head
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The end of the year near, turmoil of war, the check of check, the clear goods of clear goods, the plan of the plan, have place look around, do not have the covetting to be about to vacate seat of seat, mix not happily must be lost his balance by the help wanted agitate that blots out the sky and cover up the earth on newspaper more, ready to do sth. Anyhow, year is the largest flow of round of manpower began.

I begin to pick up the telephone madly after new year's day, each immortal is hit, those who ask is same a problem: Have in your hand good lord? You help me about one times such-and-such have a meal, ? I feel such-and-such to be in staying on this position now is not very happy, do you feel he has a possibility... ? If I give × of such-and-such × × the price of × , do you feel he can be moved likely? You will see a person to such-and-such park with me the day after tomorrow, judge him how? I saw a lot of people like date, various people. A person that seeks editor post is holding the resume with thick brick in the arms to look to me, his whats had worked above that: Director of office of × of × of director of reporter, editor, editorial office, chief editor, general manager, president, president, country... I admire the ground to look at him.

The person hearsay that also has a lot of half knowledge has a lot of position on my hand, call to me, say, this, that, teacher, the work that you help me see me...

After fooling around 10 years in media group, I am boiled eventually come odd, become head of hunt of a standard -- although be in this year, myself just unemployed, become a hobo.

Manpower resource people say to my applepolish in succession, what we value is your eye and person arteries and veins.

I had done test of a profession, the result shows I am an ideologist, the maxim that I like most is " knowledge is force " , if liking to listen most, be " you are very able " . Then, in manpower resource people complimentary after my eye and person arteries and veins, I begin to keep calling the friends that annoy me, with their confabulate, make an appointment with them to meet, care their tomorrow. In other words, I became a stinking person.

Current, I already me all friends were annoyed, changed their profession and destiny. I a this city that stays in the home to plant a flower to raise grass every day " recreational star " come out to go to work from domestic lanes and alleys, do so that she begins insomnia; I sufferred from angst disease, one insecurity to be about runny lad rises from the lane on sickbed go to work, do so that he begins to eat again fight angst disease drug; I stay in a magazine well the friend changes another magazine, tell her to be able to take how many how many money, as a result she did not take even the in part... my friends see me now, circling go.

Yesterday, the friend of one experienced and astute warns me: You still do not become hunt head, hunt head is not so good do, resemble woman matchmaker same, need congenital quality; And you, do not have such quality apparently. And, resemble woman matchmaker same, you are preparing both ends to get a scolding.
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