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Master: Yun hamper says? of thin silk ribbon
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Hunt head service already became an enterprise to seek the important channel of senior talented person and flow of senior talented person. When management department of resource of company labor power is deciding to choose hunt head to serve, must be opposite hunt head firm " capture program " have clearer knowledge, the crucial talented person that ability success choose needs to oneself.

It is bag of hunt head firm below 4 big move:

Analytic prey: Normally the enterprise is entrusting the metropolis when hunt head firm to make relatively specific characterization to position, raise certain requirement to the talent. But whether find most press close to the talent of its demand, depend on the understanding level that hunt head firm needs to this kind, consequently hunt head the first program is " the prey that see form " . International ranked no less than last year the carry on one's shoulder of the 10th pauses international company (l of a of n of o of i of t of a of n of r of e of t of n of I of   of n of o of t of H o r ) character of place of i of a of h of C of   of a of n of n of o of director director M: "Must want to make clear the industry with this located position, what kind of position is in in company structure plan, report to who, the person that accepts its to report is what kind of disposition, what kind of setting. " the requirement that held position truly, ability looks for accurate prey.

Choose limits: Hunt head firm can build his talent warehouse commonly, high grade and efficient talent library is one of hunt head company's mainest resource, but prey is not the person that often appears in oneself Caikuli, so, searching method and ditch is hunt head the service is professional the directest reflect. Normally, after affirmatory client demand, the first pace of go hunting is search talent library, search the talented person that matchs basically, the person does not have appropriate person selected in ability library, just go straight towards target industry continuously, narrow limits undertakes filtration stage by stage.

Decide case assessment: A when measure advanced person with ability important basis is the working experience that its go. The company that they had worked in the past, position that has held the position of, it is the wonderful evidence of its ability. Firm of professional hunt head is chosen to equipment " prey " the 3rd measure is to do referenced person to check, understand concerned situation to the boss that the unit works before candidate, colleague namely. Of more meticulous labour oppose talent " quality to the test " , whether does the culture of the disposition of check talent and company of choose and employ persons suit, the crucial brushstroke that this is the engraft that hunt head firm has manpower resource for both sides of supply and demand, also be professional level reflect. Of course, psychological evaluation is not certain and reliable, because be put in culture difference, for instance " you have in one's childhood deny had sold paper " this problem is in the United States is to examine the individual's independent character; But be in China, it brings other very easily however to associate. Because this uses different talented person,evaluation system often is met hunt arrives different prey.
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