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The enterprise manages " gambler psychology "
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A manager says, dry business makes an item, actual it is behavior of a kind of gambling. During this not only the courage of test company policymaker, and differentiate its decision-making ability. Without courage, the development of the enterprise is impossible to go up a step, can be small shop of street opening a follow only; Without ability, the enterprise can be place footfall only, tend finally die out.

This deep feeling of the manager, conveyed a few meanings: It is to do an enterprise to be in namely occasionally gamble, because, what the foreground that business operator manages a project impossibly to the enterprise looks is too clear; 2 it is to be in intense competition, find the project with a good prospect, need betted psychology really; 3 it is this is planted " bet " be need courage and courage; 4 it is to want " bet " must pay price, enterprise policymaker judged the size of ability to decide betted result and betted risk cost directly in betted process; 5 it is an enterprise compete even if be in bet, be not being betted is dead, betting also is dead, bet winning a likelihood is unripe.

In whole competition environment increasingly intense contemporary, the pressure that battalion of already of look forward to faces is bigger, how does business operator hour jump out to manage mode inherently in the consideration, seek new profit point of growth, the La Hai that finds him company. Accordingly, also be in challenge a new development height ceaselessly, it is no matter improve in the technology, on the innovation of content of science and technology, on the change that still is sale means, management thinking, be in from proceed with of soft, strong condition, the hope surmounts a competitor, occupational new commanding elevation.

In the course that seeks company blue of great capacity, do not have a kind " gambler psychology " do prop up, the psychological safeguard that enterprise policymaker also cannot find the likelihood to hold the post of He Xin again will explain he busies the development La Hai, reason that escapes the Red Sea. They regard investment of battalion of already of look forward to, project as a gamble that life experiences, a person of extraordinary powers that passes an again and again is betted, the pleasure that obtains psychology to go up to spirit, realize an enterprise thereby the evolution that one pace accepts one condition, although this is challenged to this, the hair that also is pair of enterprises develops a way.

Since be a kind of gamble, so be defeated winning is inevitable. The individual gambles, the belongings of individual of sacrificial not better than; Company game, the belongings of sacrifice that can be everybody, the risk is opposite the individual, should increase many, and still can cause the stability of a small group. Enterprise play away, the result will be very embarrassed, not only employee disintegrate, company reputation also fail in a competitive examination, enterprise policymaker becomes the oldest guilty person. The enterprise is betted won, the result also is hopeful, not only employee is glad, company reputation also fame celebrated, enterprise policymaker becomes media and the target that public opinion pays close attention to, become a surveyor's pole of the industry. Accordingly, "Bet " meaning or is be utterly discredited, or is amaze the people with a single brilliant feat.
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