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The 6 big factors that resource of influence future manpower manages
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World change is very sharp really, regard manpower resource as the director, the changes that should happen possibly to future prepares somewhat. According to forecasting, there are 6 big factors 10 years to will change manpower resource to manage at least in future.

   1. manages remotely

Of Internet and email system function perfect brought advantage for long-range management. To 2010, the time that labour firewood estate of the United States will have the person of half above every weeks more than two days is beyond the office the job. Current and character, have 28 million person (1990 from time to tome 4 million person) have long-range job according to the regulation of the company, still millions person is in informally beyond the office work one day every week or much day. Receive what join with mobile and wireless each other to gain ground as cheap broadband Internet, long-range worker still can increase further.

   Artificial intelligence and safety protect 2.

The might of artificial intelligence depends on it can discovering a problem in accumulation mountainous data. It may be used at counting what write down with billion to trade financial fraud action discovers in the record.

Because artificial intelligence technology becomes more and more advanced, undertake to the personnel of company in and out with computer network surveillant ability also can rise considerably. Data adds secret technology to will be used formally, the company still can use complex data to dig a technology to discover potential problem and danger through analysing pattern.

   3. company will be unending ground operation

The new client that is located in abroad to seek and accelerate more and more companies of production and service  to did not come will every week 7 days, everyday 24 hours of metropolises keep operation. About 24 million American is planted in this now " 7 culture of 24 / " leave the job. Company day and night always unending operation brought huge challenge to the job of manpower resource director. Provide creativity more because of must be for manpower resource director on timeline, for instance you must arrange a lot of employees possibly to be in before dawn 2  30 later the job. Employer people the aggravation that because turn to state of the brings about possibly a few physiology after nightwork, mental health,also will be employee, and the injury shows head.

   4. free profession person with adviser

We can foreknow, value includes the increase rate with annual market outside the human affairs of a few dollars will be two digit. It the dramatically the manpower resource of occupational tradition is feudal the state that changes manpower resource management significantly. 2002, global company cost 61.2 billion dollar on the bag outside manpower resource, if according to the word that increases by degrees 11 % will forecast every year, to 2007, can reach 103.3 billion dollar.

As a result of the company the bag outside use human affairs comes to gradually apt control cost and increase flexibility, use free occupational contractor and adviser to be able to increase probably. The mixture body of the person that firm work place will perform the employee that melt into changes and free profession gradually, come to their area very hard apart. This will cause profound change: Firm health is sure to plan to will begin to disappear, because people apt chooses the can carry health of themselves,plan (the likelihood offers subsidy by employer) . In the light of the professional career of employee development plans to wait for a concept may outdated, the own preferment that faces those who greater freedom is spent not to hold a post in the company and mover people, manpower resource director people must take seriously and they maintain long-term connection.

   5. had better healthy performance pays reward

As social development, either when employee people ill just go paying medical treatment fee, a few employer people come up the idea that turns to health management very quickly conversely.

They will allow employee people share a specific financial and incentive plan. This method is to pass the organization outside the company to carry out, what accept of one's own accord from employee and their spouse is annual healthy danger is evaluated begin. These assessment can differentiate piece bring about asthmatic, heart disease and diabetic the element that waits for a variety of chronic, the 20 % that treat these disease to want to spend charge of medical treatment of a company normally arrive 35 % , if evaluate discovery to two are mixed the many critical factors that cause potential and healthy problem, this employee or its spouse can be deployed to perhaps move by nurse, healthy educationist, dietetics home the healthy political instructor that the physiologist holds the position of.

The healthy and critical question that this political instructor is this employee makes a plan and supervise and urge through the phone this employee presses plan act. The drive that gives this employee is the discount of insurance premium. If this employee suspended this plan, the discount of this insurance premium can stop, in returning a plan till him, come. This method can prevent a lot of main healthy problems, pass hard, the illness of the half is final can avoid.

   6. company buys an activity to consider the person's value will morely

Be in in the near future in, more crucial effect is produced in human affairs management will be in a company and buying an activity. Buy action general to buy what initiate into the manpower resource of other company the message from now: 20 % of 15 % ~ rise to all half left and right sideses that buy action amount.

According to the analysis, one of main reasons that go and buy mobile failure are until buy completed the issue such as the compatibility that did not study manpower resource management and culture of two kinds of companies. Its tell meeting not tire of of very rare company irritatedly people to their labour force is worth how many money or their groom from long-term in light of can bring how many value. And in the future, manpower resource directors will see from inside the company publication such as boss company annual report more about every employee yield, the statistical data of absent from work and income circumstance.

In the future, the analysts of wall street will ask to see appear on the market the what person that the company knows won patent, what factitious company won large order. Should appear on the market when the company announces their person to be worth how many money, also told partner these " main asset " value. Because machine device was placed over to be not moved, and the person is can find new job at any time leave a company.

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