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The United States appears brand-new hunt head website
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According to foreign media coverage, if you have a pretty good resume and industry experience, you can obtain source of an another income probably: The United States appeared recently achieve a website newly, help employer firm contacts outstanding talented person, if succeed interview, the person that employer will try to bedcover pays the interview of hundreds dollar fee.

The name of this website is called, found January. The author of the website is Jim · respectively Amubulasi and Ai Lisi of collect cloth · . They state this one website hopes can website of fill to apply for a job and a blank area between those hunt head firms.

According to saying, the user of this website is those so called " passive to apply for a job person " , these people have a good job and salary, have richer post experience, it is object of talent of target-seeking of other company search.

The working principle of the website is such: The netizen is registered in the website above all, input the industry that oneself are in, post, from already check, and the firewood fulfil level that the hope achieves. Subsequently the website gives meeting consideration " interview is expended " . The standard that cost tries before eye arrives in 200 dollars between 500 dollars.

If a company generated interest to your data, they will request and your interview. Before this, they will submit interview cost to the account of the website above all, subsequently company and talent meet, if the other side thinks you are a right talented person, have the opportunity of farther contact in the future, the website will turn interview cost Zhang arrives interview person in Bei Bao account.

In whole process, website will collection brushstroke commission, be interview cost about 15% to 20% .

It is reported, many Internet companies of American had begun to seek outstanding talented person through this website, include to search types of facial makeup in operas of the engine Google company, website that make friend among them (Facebook) company.

This week, of California " oak is desert " held to concern the DEMO plenary session that starts a business newly. The high level of Notchup website also comes to the conference, introduce oneself website, seek investor at the same time.

So far, this website obtained the netizen's welcome. This one website is released formally is to be by January, have 445 users only at first, but passed 5 days merely, website user amount exceeded 10 thousand people. What need points out is, the website adopted a kind to invite mode at present, not be any netizen can be registered casually.

Two author show, because visit discharge to jump, two servers appeared to break down even.

Well-known is, at present the mode of websites of a lot of to apply for a job is the huge data that collects a talent, face the company of recruit talent to collect fees. Some websites even to to apply for a job person collection resume types cost.   
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