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Future will appear 5 years project management " talent barren "
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Project management professional is in short supply
A few days ago, PMI (project government institute) when global operation center studies manager Mr An Aide is accepting special report of our newspaper reporter, express, china can encounter project management after 5 years " talent barren " .
Mr An Aide points out, on international a lot of enterprises are undertaking a project change change make run, this makes project government person with ability became the demand with the biggest company. Project management regards a kind of successful management as means, by application of numerous company place, the industry involves IT, finance, telegraphic, project, building and estate, software development, seek advice, investment. A few enterprises in meal industry also introduced project management pattern, benefit has the development of meal project with project management method. Accordingly, have project management experience, have the talent of setting of professional record of formal schooling and certificate to will be begged hard especially.
Nowadays, the city such as Shanghai, Beijing already included in short supply talented person project management talented person. The attestation of qualification of project management professional of PMI (PMP) already by the whole world nearly 160 countries are approbated, by the United States " fortune " magazine praise the first selection profession that is 21 centuries. PMP also is called in our country the 3rd gold-lettered signboard after afterwards MBA, MPA.

The month enters 10 thousand yuan not to calculate high pay
According to media coverage, future inside 30 years, our country only western development makes an appointment with 6 million person with respect to need project administrator, and our country heretofore is less than 20 thousand person through the project administrator of PMP attestation. The vast difference of supply and demand, make project government person with ability heats up sharp violent wind to rise.
The reporter ever can go up in invite applications for a job of a few talents discovery, because person with ability of senior project government is exiguous, appeared even the hot occasion that more than 100 enterprises hire project administrator with be being contended for with high salary. At the beginning of this year since, each invite applications for a job of big city is met and the help wanted statistic of media shows, project administrator makes the central point that each enterprise contends for.
In software industry, expand of dimensions ceaselessly as the enterprise, increasing ceaselessly to the demand of project manager. Especially the government encourages an enterprise to carry on outside after including an item, software company is pressing manager of project of need international software. An investigation that is aimed at country's biggest 10 software company shows, the talented person that at present software company needs most is ordinal for: Project management, high-level technology management and market control.
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