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In how making oneself make hunt head key point " prey " ? How had chosen, the hunt head company that has reputation, maintain good relationship to it? The reporter interviewed handler of Shanghai factory director with respect to these problems recently Xiao Jianan of gift company general manager.

   Hunt head firm is right what talent is interested

Xiao Jianan says, can join hunt head company " law eye " the talent needs to have tripartite face requirement:

1, good educational background and superior working experience.

The graduate of university of tall record of formal schooling, famous brand accepts favour; Work for a long time in foreign capital company, or from abroad study abroad, the talent that the job returns, it is the target of hunt head first selection likewise. Because had had the experience that transnational corporation works, had learned the standardization management of the foreign enterprise, can get used to complex enterprise interior environment commonly, if return familiar mainland mainland to supervise a case, serve as very likely somewhat on new position.

2, strong, outstanding achievement stresses working ability.

Those had been held the position of large and medium-sized position of above of company branch manager, have the administrative experience, person that have outstanding outstanding achievement, can draw the look of hunt head firm. Generally speaking, enterprise not quite recognize the person that has latent capacity merely, and pay close attention to the person that has actual strength and result more; Be like short of this standard, pure depending on hunt head firm to pack is not actual.

3, the rich drive that respect property, include to wait to the faithfulness of the company.

In if be in,looking for a process, hunt head knows someone bright, but do not have good professional morality, the interest that ever harmed former company for example, before leaving one's post, do not greet sb, did not undertake appropriate leaves his post have sex etc, such person won't be recommended to the client commonly.

How the relation of hold together and hunt head firm

The person that serve as to apply for a job, ferial in answer hunt head firm to be added more advertent, gather the information of firm of concerned hunt head, in order to have untimely needs, maintain good relationship with hunt head firm at the same time. Specific means is:

1, often firm of advertent hunt head is dynamic.

Different hunt head company, its fixed position, special skill, collect fees means, run mode to all be widely divergent. Search the most appropriate oneself crucial. Possible sentence, with hunt head firm " palm door person " or it is interview of human affairs adviser, the professional level that knows hunt head company and run domain of mode, special skill to wait, want to understand the client setting of hunt head firm especially, look to whether have the target company of individual ideal among them.
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