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8 big the hottest professions of 2008 China are forecasted
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2008, it is a year when have milepost sense. Reforming and opening 30 carry, the economic progress of our country had qualitative flight; Olympic Games, let the look focusing China of the whole world. 2008, be worth one year when expect so, again what profession often has latent capacity in this year of dispute, very hot? As Chinese authority the profession plans to seek advice from an orgnaization, professional program expert waits from fulfil of industry trends, social class, firewood undertake integration analysis, for personage of domestic office field special roll out " 2008 a list of names posted up of 8 big the hottest profession " .

NO.1 sale talented person

Go up reason of a list of names posted up: As we have learned, china has 60 million salesperson at present, and among them 90% those who be engaged in is merely promote or sell a product the part. Show from data of supply and demand of market of talent of before 2007 3 season, the salesperson ranks head of a list of names posted up all the time in demand of company invite applications for a job. 2008, sale management already became the lifeline of the enterprise, advanced sale talented person is talent market in go up the closest spruce talent. Sale talented person is in 2006 be labelled by the country one of 12 kinds of uncommon ability that lack a person, sale talented person is annual demand breach is in 400 thousand - between 500 thousand person. Of outstanding sale talented person appreciate orbit begins from market assistant director, assistant commonly, monthly pay 2000-3000 yuan, through 9 years struggle raise sale person in charge, monthly pay 3500-6000 yuan, sale manager arrives after 35 years, monthly pay can break up times to 8000-15000 yuan, when sale chief inspector one class, can reach the state that makes without the yearly salary that seal a top. A lot of businesses leave even piece hundred thousands of, 10 thousand yuan about a hundred yearly salary begs a fine general hard.

Professional program division comments on: Sale talented person already became the target that each enterprise contends for eagerly, an outstanding sale talent can sell a product not only, should provide the market to engineer ability more, make consumer active buy your product, still having side of human processing, professional knowledge of course also is crucial. Be engaged in selling introductory cage not tall, but should become among them past master, it is to want all previous practice one time however.

Division of program of NO.2 conduct financial transactions

Go up reason of a list of names posted up: Division of program of conduct financial transactions enters China also nearby 10 years of time, already made duty field however one big popular. From 2007 stock markets the breakthrough comes at 6000 o'clock beginning was being connected again 2008 drop under the state that stop, division of program of conduct financial transactions never such-and-such get of broad investor fix eyes upon. And the development as economy, individual conduct financial transactions has made the main component of national economy activity. 2007 prices rises, below the influence with fervent money market, the economy outlook that more family yearns for to get science comes how-to, so that invite a hand,go up to some money keep a cost and can grow continuously already. But at present personnel of bank major conduct financial transactions is short of badly break, tripartite invests company of conduct financial transactions related more lack a person, the pressing demand of the market and huge talent gap make division of program of professional conduct financial transactions becomes home to have one of professions of appeal most. Dimensions of domestic economy market exceeds 100 billion yuan of RMBs far at present, at present profession of division of program of Chinese conduct financial transactions has the gap of 200 thousand person. According to secretary-general of committee of experts of national economy program Liu Yanbin expresses, the yearly salary of division of domestic economy program " should be in 100 thousand arrive between 1 million yuan of RMBs " .
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