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Pay of individual of influence of 5 big factors
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One, psychological element. This one element is opposite refer of very rare in the past person the influence of individual compensation. But the relevant theory that occupies manpower resource makes clear, psychological element is one of crucial point factors that affect compensation. The author ever had studied a few enterprises administer prices of pay of layer introduction market, face the high pay prices of market share position, generally the company with benefit good high income, mostly not worry at all, and the enterprise with those poor benefit, its operator is sure tongue of glare order form.

Even if although benefit is good but the company that never pays high pay, the pay prices that also can rise to be being climbed ceaselessly turns pale with fright. Accordingly, psychological element, perhaps say the response to high pay, it is the factor of the first crucial point that affects talent compensation.

2, market element. Market element is kinds big, among them a lot of small elements are having effect each other, include bearing of prices, money, scene to wait. The author thinks, of the talent rare be short of a gender, of i.e. resource can affect pay level badly for the quantity. For example, the prices of pay of human affairs director with the fluent English on past talent market is in basically 15 thousand yuan of above, as a result of in recent years the concussion of a large number of MBA and newly emerging force, cause fall after a rise of the defeat below prices.

3, enterprise element. Of the investment combination of the enterprise and setting disparate, cause the great difference of its compensation structure. Same individual just, if can find new job,reach two industries of photograph adjacent, because the company invests product of combination, industry,additional cost differs, although load same job, its compensation also is met disparate, still exist between the enterprise what is more,the rather that dimensions, located the difference of attributive of the district, person that administer.

4, oneself element. Namely individual be the same as position match spend or be identical is spent. Although someone belongs to the market the uncommon ability that lack a person, enterprise, product all be in good position, but if be the same as position to match a gender very poor (be competent overly or be competent extremely) , also can bring about its pay is large cases to fall greatly.

5, opportunity element. Choose optimal opportune moment, be engaged in why be being planted namely the job, have greatly among them exquisite. Enterprise as biology, also have its " lifecycle " , the individual has professional career cycle. Occasionally, favourable geographical position, support of the people had completely, but time will not wait for me. For instance in those days a lot of person like a swarm of bees enter oneself for an examination foreign trade, finance is professional, rushing namely these position earnings are rich and generous in those days, when waiting for university of the person that enter oneself for an examination to graduate regrettablly only, industry of foreign trade, banking already was the person is completely suffer from, the industry also is entered " sound foundation " level.
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