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A few things that before the undergraduate applies for a job, must do
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Nowadays, quantify ten time-sharing children's hair. Gentleman disappears, all sorts of media are 10 big, 8 big, some people always are good at inducing give something to come, return some transmission very wide. Of a journal of Hong Kong date criterion print sent an article in December, the name is " 20 things that before American undergraduate applies for a job, do surely " . In light of the eye that uses me, some things need to be done seriously really, some also so reply a thing.

Or is two countries national condition differs, or makes up the number or the amount namely.

Broaden the outlook to allow authority, here the summary reprints:

1, walk out of the library.

2, begin deal.

3, fasten debt to pester a body.

4, enter campus activity more.

5, Dr. Biekaowenke.

6, do not go up law courtyard.

7, much sports activity.

8, do not wait the life by parents.

9, the thing that dry spot is not good at.
10, do not define a success with explicit thing.

11, oneself go applying for a job.

12, course of happiness of take as an elective course.

13, attend performance class.

14, the society praises others.

15, use profession seeks advice from service orgnaization.

16, be faced indifferently by refus hind.

17, turn up one's nose at a school.

18, not beyond the mark pursuit is perfect.

19, work, accumulate working experience.

20, list the target into the watch.

Allegedly, these 20 things are condensing a lot of is in to breath out the experience of the professor that the school such as Buddha teachs for a long time. Although I work in the university old, but dare not say oneself have much knowledge to the society, say an individual notion, offer undergraduate friend reference only.

I think these 20 are medium, some can be drawn lessons from, but some also is opposite certainly. For instance, liberal art doctor also can be read, law courtyard is OK also go up, renown school was not necessary to turn up one's nose at, the library should go should be to should go. . . . . .

To Chinese undergraduate, before obtain employment, the business that should do is very much, I put forward such a few consult for everybody:

1, understand a society in the round as far as possible.

(adopt a variety of forms, comprehensive, objective, scientific assurance society, is not to see bright one side, dark perhaps one side only. )

2, contact as far as possible intimately with the society.

(adopt a variety of forms, use a variety of opportunities, participate in diversiform social activity. )

3, learn professional knowledge solidly.

(always should specialize in somewhat in some respect. This will be henceforth probably establish a lot socially this. )

4, exercise, state of mind is gentle.
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