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Let an enterprise hate to part with your 6 big unexpected tricky move
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6 action let you show itself from inside competition of intense to apply for a job

Should have ability of what kind of quality to get after all the favour of the enterprise, show itself from inside competition of intense to apply for a job, it is student, parent and pedagogue people the focus of collective attention.

Moral character

What a mature enterprise more considers often is the quality of moral character respect, especially sincere letter consciousness, consecratory spirit and sense of responsibility.

A few foreign enterprises sign confidential agreement in applicant of requirement of the metropolis before group interview or make verbal commitment, prevent the leak outside case, but nevertheless, still can have a few graduate interview content with " pen classics " , " face classics " wait for a form to announce go up in the net, to the invite applications for a job of the company the job brings a loss. Famous 2007 foreign enterprise Ma is in the first round after interview, published a letter that sends a participant, the classmate that shows the bisect on the foundation that can investigating adequately enjoyed interview title makes the processing that cancels interview qualification, express " no matter the business is big,be small, principle problem is not OK and careless, hope we can be made from bagatelle, the obtain employment environment that is creation health, fairness together and hard! The obtain employment environment that is creation health, fairness together and hard!!

Culture self-identity

At present more and more enterprises introduce disposition exam or psychological test in written examination phase this one unit, protruding shows what the company is born disposition and psychological quality to graduation to take seriously, and this in the final analysis, it is the enterprise measures graduate to whether agree with company culture, whether the staff guage that blends in company culture smoothly. The employee that company place expects, want ability not only conspicuous, should agree with company culture more.

Respect industry drive

Preeminent company, especially 500 strong companies of world pay attention to actual effect very much, pay attention to a result, because this respects industry drive,be indispensable. Had the mind that respect property, other quality was fostered relatively easily.

Graduate wants to get used to current duty field environment, must have specific working target and intense responsibility heart, taking passion to work, finish oneself own job dependably, businesslikely. Working manner can decide the working achievement of a person greatly, good mood just shapes an image that is worth reliance likely, obtain the credit of colleague, boss and client.

Group consciousness

Preeminent nowadays company pays attention to group efforts spirit very much, will regard company culture as one of value, hope employee can try hard the individual to rise with union of implementation group goal, become dependable group member.
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