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College graduate to apply for a job should hold 7 old policy point
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Problem one: Who suffers " labor contract law " standard and protection?

College graduate has desires of various to apply for a job, some hopes enter officeholder rank, some hopes enter institution and social party, also some wanting that enter a business or oneself do poineering work.

Below this kind of circumstance, college graduate is learning and master " labor contract law " when, should understand above all " labor contract law " suitable scope.

With what carried out 1995 " labor law " photograph comparing, " labor contract law " enlarged suitable scope appropriately. Besides organization of enterprise, microeconomic, it is run by the local people blame enterprise is brought into " labor contract law " adjust range, unit of company of blame of alleged run by the local people is organization of enterprise, institution, society and other society force and citizen individual use those who be not state-owned asset to hold, be engaged in be not seek profits the organism of activity of sexual society service. If run by the local people learns house of science and technology of museum of library of hospital of school, run by the local people, run by the local people, run by the local people, run by the local people,wait.

2 it is right institution and execute recruit the personnel that make applicable made agile provision, namely law, administrative regulations or the State Council has a regulation additionally, its set according to; Did not make a provision, according to " labor contract law " the regulation is carried out. 3 it is organization of formulary state office, institution, society and the laborer that its build labor to concern, mix except officeholder namely consult the staff that officeholder law supervises, and execute in the institution outside recruiting the staff member that make, according to " labor contract law " carry out. 4 it is right the service is sent with the job special provision. Accordingly, if college graduate chose " labor contract law " the organization inside suitable scope (unit of choose and employ persons) obtain employment, can get " labor contract law " standard and protection.

Problem 2: When the member that unit of choose and employ persons enrols choose and employ persons, ought to tell worker according to the facts lawfully what circumstance?

In process of obtain employment of to apply for a job, many undergraduates ever had encountered this kind of situation, unit of a few choose and employ persons conceals real working message intentionally, perhaps say working requirement and work reward to get give an extravagantly colourful description, when arriving to work actually, not be completely so return a responsibility, this often makes graduate to one's great diappointment, to its professional career brings negative effect.

In view of this kind of circumstance in real life, " labor contract law " the 8th regulation, "When action of unit of choose and employ persons uses worker, ought to inform reward of state of harm of requirement of worker job content, work, workplace, profession, safe production, work according to the facts, and the other condition that laborer asks to understand " . That is to say, when apply for, the basic case that college graduate has authority to understand unit of choose and employ persons, oneself job content and work reward; In addition, unit of choose and employ persons is returned ought to the requirement according to laborer, feedback in time to its whether the circumstance of employ.
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