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Technical engineer
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Hunan governor is sanded
Number of invite applications for a job:
2 people
Sexual requirement:
Age requirement:
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Do not be restricted above
Working experience:
Least 1 year
Pay pay:
The face is discussed
Position description:
    Machine of seal of engraving tool of laser of engraving tool of nimble of machine of carve characters on a seal of nimble of responsible corporation fighting spirit, acute, acute nimble engraving tool, numerous peaceful, photosensitive, metalworking card is full automatic scroll machine, shanghai essence the client of the advertisement equipment such as this cementing machine grooms, maintenance, requirement adroitness uses COREDRAW, photoshop, wait for computer software. Have ad kind mechanical use experience also can consider.
    Contact means
    Contact: Tan Zhao (gentleman)
    Phone: 13973134049
    Fax: 07312121211
    Address: The the Changsha City is liberated east road 75
    Take car course: City of computer of rich of railway station contest is inclined on

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