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Hunan governor is sanded
Sexual requirement:
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Above of three-year institution of higher learning
Working experience:
Least 1 year
Pay pay:
1500 the following
Position description:
    1, business of the bag outside developing company electron business affairs and business, undertake to new client business introduction and business quote,
    2, dog till business autograph is made an appointment with,feedback
    3, the trivial issue that helps harmonious client
Other requirement:
    1, the bag outside familiar electron business affairs and enterprise, understand working technological process, have working experience of a year and sale experience at least;
    2, common sense of familiar and main network and commonly used computer communicate software
    3, the men and women is not restricted, record of formal schooling is not restricted, be good at communicating, the job respects property, conscientious
    4, have good professional morality quality, the job is active and active. Moral quality is good, responsibility heart is strong, hard-working, have the urge for improvement, perseverance has great ambition to have wisdom, the mouth is diligent the leg is diligent diligent.
    5, experience of operation of platform of the bag outside having business affairs of foreign trade electron and company is first. Our group expects a person with lofty ideals is joined.
    Contact means
    Contact: King (lady)
    Phone: 0731-2919210
    Fax: 2919261
    Website: Http://
    Address: The the Changsha City liberates A of edifice of Dong Luhua luck 1512 rooms

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