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The manager is included outside IT enterprise
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Hunan governor is sanded
Number of invite applications for a job:
1 person
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Above of three-year institution of higher learning
Working experience:
Least 1 year
Pay pay:
Position description:
    Position description:
    1, the new client of the bag outside the demand that develops the package outside having a company, manpower, search for the market to sell information
    2, the target of demand of the demand to the bag outside having a company, the bag outside manpower sells a client to provide advisory service
    3, be in charge of what specific business includes outside company product company beginning, dog till the autograph is made an appointment with,feedback
    4, affirm with client contract, only card operation, make out an invoice, gathering
Other requirement:
    Hold a post requirement:
    1, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning;
    2, experience works 1 year related above, those who company information platform manages experience is preferential
    3, the primary facility such as familiar PC hardware, commonly used software, LINUX and computer periphery product;
    4, the IT technology method that can use mature, stable, economy effectively optimizes business of company business flow, promotion to run efficiency, reduce run cost;
    5, have good human relationship to handle ability, communicate and coordinate what be good at concerning with socialization of company inside and outside, job;
    6, the capacity that has good market to judge ability and independent processing to break out incident;
    Contact means
    Contact: King (lady)
    Phone: 0731-2919210
    Fax: 2919261
    Website: Http://
    Address: The the Changsha City liberates A of edifice of Dong Luhua luck 1512 rooms

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