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Sell a delegate
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Hunan governor is sanded
Number of invite applications for a job:
4 people
Sexual requirement:
Age requirement:
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
High school above
Working experience:
Least this year's graduates
Pay pay:
1500 the following
Position description:
    Of responsible company business extend the development with new client, maintain the good cooperation relationship between company and old client. Have strong interest and self-confident heart to selling the work, academic tireless, be brave in to develop, extroversion of sense of responsibility, disposition is optimistic. Have good understanding, communication ability and group efforts capacity, handle an issue can independently, maturely at the same time. Can be away on official business and can get used to new environment quickly, use all sorts of office software adroitly;
    Be familiar with ad industry, the person that have market sale experience is preferential.
    Contact means
    Contact: Tan Zhao (gentleman)
    Phone: 13973134049
    Fax: 07312121211
    Address: The the Changsha City is liberated east road 75
    Take car course: City of computer of rich of railway station contest is inclined on

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