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Electronic commerce director
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Number of invite applications for a job:
1 person
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
On this inflict
Working experience:
Least 1 year
Pay pay:
Position description:
    Working duty:
    1, plan according to company strategy, make business of electronic business affairs extend a plan, the newspaper is approved and carry out
    2, understanding electron business affairs develops trends, appoint the development program of business of company electron business affairs and annual plan
    3, business affairs of electron of responsible company product is specific of business begin, dog till the autograph is made an appointment with,feedback
    4, what coach and help business of electronic business affairs is normal run and begin, the organization communicates experience
    5, system of the relevant sale policy that makes work of electronic business affairs, management and business level
    6, establish record of client of perfect electron business affairs, gather pertinent information and update in time
    7, business affairs of work out electron sells forms for reporting statistics, refer business of electronic business affairs to sum up analytic report to wait regularly
    8, affirm with client contract, only card operation, make out an invoice, gathering
Other requirement:
    Hold a post requirement:
    1, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, sale of electronic business affairs, market reachs relevant major
    2, have good communication to coordinate ability, clarity of train of thought, more powerful analysis handles problem ability and decision-making ability;
    3, fair, just, faithful, respect property, have group collaboration spirit and innovation consciousness, have exceed powerful body and psychological quality;
    4, sexual distinction is not restricted, pursue relevant job 1 year above, the person that had had experience of work of electronic business affairs is preferential.
    Contact means
    Contact: King (lady)
    Phone: 0731-2919210
    Fax: 2919261
    Website: Http://
    Address: The the Changsha City liberates A of edifice of Dong Luhua luck 1512 rooms

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