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Art design
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Hunan Province Heng Yang
Number of invite applications for a job:
1 person
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Above of technical secondary school
Pay pay:
Position description:
    Operate CSS adroitly
    Be familiar with the commonly used software such as PS, ASP, FLASH
    Have distinctive aesthetic view

    The job is serious and responsible
    Contact means
    Contact: Chen Zhen (gentleman)
    Phone: 0731-2812555
    Address: Battalion of the Changsha City dish road 296 yuan of royal mansion 8 buildings (the road in lotus and battalion dish road boundary, ) of Song Guiyuan a sector of an area, the welcome makes an appointment directly come to a company interview
    Take car course: 303, 803, 9, 112, 348, 105, 150 when the car of Song Guiyuan position

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