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Business elite
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Hunan governor is sanded
Number of invite applications for a job:
20 people
Requirement of record of formal schooling:
Do not be restricted above
Pay pay:
The face is discussed
Position description:
    1, the person that the career is made one time in business industry without determination, person that adopt attempt attitude not faze
    2, appearance decorous, style of conversation is easy, hard-working, have decorous study attitude
    3, the welcome has stronger client to communicate ability, interview comes before the person that dare to seek high pay
    4, sell kind: Phone sale and client visit photograph couple;
    5, the client that face and market: What basically face Changsha area is all enterprise or business unit (industry of factory, company, hospital, school, entertainment)
    Pay: Base salary + deduct a percentage from a sum of money + bonus
    Contact means
    Contact: Analogy (lady)
    Phone: 0731-4429896
    Website: Http://
    Address: Hunan Province the Changsha City is liberated medium 21-C of edifice of 18 overseas Chinese
    Take car course: 6, 202, 7 wait (the car that wants a railway station only can arrive) be in respectively: Literary crossing east, south Yuan Jialing, fall in the center of Hunan region)

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