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Hunan Province perfects new harmonious mechanism
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A few days ago, general office of Hunan Province government allotted " the announcement that leads harmonious mechanism about perfecting province obtain employment to work further " . " announcement " adjust unit of the member that enriched job of province obtain employment to lead a group to become, in keep original on the foundation with 23 members changeless unit, according to working need, new added 7 members unit. Hold the position of leader group group leader by Yu Laishan of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, standing vice-governor, zhao Hunan smooth office grows Liu Mingxin of province government deputy secretary-general and hall of province labor safeguard hold the position of assistant group leader, each member unit is in charge of comprising personnel artificially. Leader group office is set in province labor to ensure hall, be in charge of routine.

New harmonious mechanism basically presents the following characteristics: It is duty division of labor is clearer. 2 it is joint meeting system more perfect. " announcement " perfected system of joint meeting of job of province obtain employment further, made clear rules of procedure, aggrandizement special subject survey, supervise and urge a series of job systems such as assessment of examination, year, Information Circular, statistic and major item report, make save institution of joint meeting of obtain employment job more the program is changed, standardization. 3 it is the job the requirement is more specific. " announcement " the important schedule that emphasizes each member unit wanting a job of stimulative obtain employment to bring into this unit, combine respective duty to make normative business work circuit, fulfil the beginning of the year to make the work plan, end of the year the system such as report one's work, do 9 real things every year for masses, ensure stimulative obtain employment each policy falls to real point, let common people enjoy material benefit truly.

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