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Chongqing: Guide obtain employment of undergraduate basic level through policy l
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Chongqing passes policy lever, "Give the status, to pay, to the position " , guide obtain employment of the basic level below the undergraduate; Graduate of the college since work up faces basic level obtain employment, young and outstanding cadre chooses new mechanism of person choose and employ persons from what basic level a gleam of fosters.

Basis " team of talent of Chongqing country villages and towns builds a plan " , since 2008, chongqing general in the select inside 5 years this year's graduates of thirty-two thousand five hundred and eleven colleges arrives mechanism of villages and towns, institution and village job, among them select controls college graduate 10 thousand times to hold a post to the village, strive 9986 villages of whole 2012 town " two appoint " the undergraduate scale in team achieves 30 % above. Chongqing city finance will take out 500 million yuan of special funds, form a complete set of finance of each area county 500 million yuan of funds, of the salary that is used at ensuring an undergraduate to serve to basic level and ferry allowance extend. This also is the team of dimensions is devoted and the biggest, most a talent since Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of build a plan.

Chongqing returns design of bold innovation system, to issueing basic level undergraduate " give the status, to pay, to the position " . Execute obtain employment to the undergraduate that holds a post to the village " reveal all the details " , the service expires two years and assessment is eligible, direct collection (hire) with for mechanism officeholder and institution staff member, in the village computation of service fixed number of year is length of service; Undergraduate of the village below change past select sends living cost or the practice that learn on job expends only, the standard of allowance of ferry of mechanism institution salary with executive uniform seat, deal with person accident injury insurance and insurance of medical treatment of be in hospital for the undergraduate; Select can hold the position of village leading Party group to knit clerical assistant or village to the undergraduate of the village appoint conference director assistant, the course takes exercise and Party member cadre is accepted for " outstanding " , through concerning a process, can hold the position of a village " two appoint " chief.

In the meantime, for growing passageway of talent of expedite basic level, let outstanding talented person " fall to go, go up to come " . Since 2008, officeholder of complement of mechanism of county of Chongqing city, area, main from inside the personnel that has experience of work of basic level of villages and towns of two years of above preferred pick key. When scheme of county of Chongqing city, area enrols collection officeholder publicly, the proportion that hires in the action in having job of basic level of two years of above to experience an undergraduate is not gotten under 60 % , raise 10 % every year later, after 2010 not under 80 % .
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