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Jiangsu is made publish multinomial policy to build arena for undergraduate vill
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Select cadre of outstanding basic level " man-to-man " the help is directive, seasonable will outstanding undergraduate introduces to basic level to head station
In recent years, jiangsu is saved anthology hire college graduate to hold a post to the village, as solid the strategic move that drives construction of socialistic new rural area. Since 1995, choose early or late hire graduate of 4804 outstanding colleges to hold a post to the country, make early or late publish multinomial policy, show for the undergraduate oneself and raise oneself to build " arena " . These act brought up large quantities of one rational to want not only, the cadre of capable, young basic level that has practice experience, and formed the scientific talented person that has Jiangsu distinguishing feature to develop chain.

Jiangsu province is chosen in the undergraduate country of base oneself upon is paid attention to in hiring the job the work is real, had insisted to be chosen actor, choose the outstanding graduate that suits construction of new rural area to be badly in need of hard come out. According to statistic, in the college graduate that Jiangsu choosing hires a country to hold a post this year, student Party member is occupied 81.9% ; Had held the position of cadre of middle-level of student union of controller of department student union or school, school, department and class cadre occupy 79.2% ; Ceng Rong has obtained outstanding communist or of outstanding round cadre and outstanding student cadre and the honorary title such as 3 good students, outstanding graduate occupy 86.7% .

Before going to a country to hold a post, jiangsu province organizes undergraduates to make groom before unified hillock. Provincial Party committee is organized group by group hold a post college graduate goes to Hua Xicun view and emulate to learn, let the leader cadre of they and Hua Xicun communicate face-to-face, learn experience. After the undergraduate reachs a village, concerned branch still can choose outstanding basic level cadre and them the knot is right, undertake " man-to-man " the help is directive, handgrip hand ground imparts experience.

Jiangsu came on stage technically to hold a post to the village college graduate runs way. Will work to the village on one hand the undergraduate's education and officeholder of Party and goverment officials and the choose channel get through that choose tone to be born, develop channel link with mothball cadre; On the other hand channel of expedite pass in and out, recruit a contract to suiting the undergraduate that basic level works to remove, place vacancy buy complements in time, maintain the dynamic balance of team of village job undergraduate. And good to those political quality, development goes gain of muscularity, job the undergraduate with apparent, accepted masses, include countryside family level mothball cadre management, specific aim ground strengthens education to take exercise. Do poineering work country, difficultly to long-term take root, the undergraduate that produces example effect is preferential promote use, introduce to them in time basic level to head station. Only in the college graduate that choose held a post to the village last year, already 8 people are elected as secretary of the Party branch that it is a village, 13 people are elected for city, county (city, area) committee member of delegate of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, 30 much people are elected to be represented for National People's Congress of villages and towns, still a lot of comrades are elected to take the place of for group of province, city, county conference representing.
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