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19 experts solve trade difficult problem to provide platform for Ningxia
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Recently, manpower resource and social security ministry are begun in Ningxia " expert Ningxia service goes " activity. Come from 7 province, municipalities directly under the Central Government of countrywide 19 experts of 17 units around Ningxia energy chemical industry, farming animal husbandry and medical treatment sanitation 3 domains, the advisory service activity that thorough basic level developed by a definite date 7 days, provide platform to solve trade difficult problem.

This " expert Ningxia service goes " the activity is from the State Council research is passed " a certain number of opinions that develop about promoting Ningxia economy society further " hind, manpower resource and social security ministry and experts answer call of the Party Central Committee, the State Council actively, assist what Ningxia develops to serve an activity first. Current, the expert already headed for city of former and other places of halfback, Peng Yang, Long De, solid, county to demonstrate through the technology in group, the form such as lecture of seminar, special subject dispels doubt commentate be puzzled.

Hall of Ningxia human affairs, hair changes appoint, controller of farming herd hall, wholesome hall expresses in succession, should with this " expert Ningxia service goes " the activity is chance, cogent strengthen with the expert cooperate, exert oneself solution is built in agricultural infrastructure definitely and construction of base of agricultural estate development, the sources of energy and the sources of energy are used, the system builds sanitation of urban and rural medical treatment and perfect the obstacle sex that waits for a respect difficult problem. In the meantime, take effective measures, cogent the significant motive force that promotes opinion translate into of the expert relevant domain and industrial development, those who enhance technical positive result is outspread, change and use, to realize Ningxia to span type development creates a condition.

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