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Qinghai is using an undergraduate " village official " on obtained favorable res
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April 2006, city of north of area, sea and start off before the others of district of and other places of Huang Na city begin city of Xining of Qinghai province choice, Haidongde select undergraduate " village official " the job is pilot. Be in pilot on the base that gains experience, complete in October 2006 province started select undergraduate in the round " village official " the job. Through written examination, interview and check-up, final 800 people are selected, hurry off to complete province 6 cities one city, devote into new rural area in construction. Come 3 years, complete province in all select college graduate holds a post 1995 times to the country service. Current, on guard serves personnel 1914, enclothed complete province farming and stockbreeding areas 46.5% of 4138 administrative village. Qinghai province is in how to make undergraduate " village official " bring come, stay so that live, use well go up to be explored actively, obtained favorable result.

Compose builds an undergraduate " village official " the benign mechanism that serves a rural area

Devote into construction of new rural area actively to urge outstanding college graduate, the province builds Qinghai to guide and encourage college graduate to reach a village hard the benign mechanism of basic level obtain employment.

Policy guiding, encourage college graduate to reach a village basic level obtain employment. To ensure select undergraduate " village official " the job is begun smoothly, hall of human affairs of ministry of organization of Qinghai provincial Party committee, province, province education office and combination of province finance hall are made allotted " graduate of college of Qinghai province select holds a post to the country the executive opinion of the service " , the college graduate that this opinion serves to holding a post into the village is in the policy that the respect such as the whereaboutldirection after insurance of archives of firewood fulfil, census register, medical treatment and service expire made privilege. Undergraduate " village official " hold a post the service expires assessment is eligible, enter oneself for an examination officeholder of Party and goverment officials or attend an institution to make public staff member of invite applications for a job to take an exam, by " college graduate holds a post into the village service card " , after branch of classics human affairs is maintained, 5 minutes are added in assembly accomplishment; Enter oneself for an examination provincial of college Master graduate student, via teaching a branch to maintain, 10 minutes are added in first try total cent, coequal condition leaves first take sb on the staff; City of each city land is in annual when mechanism of villages and towns takes an examination of collection officeholder and institution of villages and towns to make public staff member of invite applications for a job, should take out not less than position of 1/3, hold a post into the village from our region the service expires, collection or invite applications for a job are taken an examination of in assessing eligible college graduate.
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