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Nanchang: Twinkling of melt of handkerchief Υ flood dragon climbs flute pray
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Investment of Nanchang municipal government makes solid model 13 million yuan base and groom talented person of the bag outside the service, realized enterprise of choose and employ persons, college student, local government and groom of the orgnaization " win more " . Come one year, base graduates 308 times student by each software company " fool grab one sky " , 240 much person enters take up an occupation of famous transnational corporation, 125 by IBM company take sb on the staff.

The expert inside course of study thinks, industry of the bag outside the service has IT to bear the weight of spend tall, resource to use up pollution of low, environment to wait for a characteristic less, potential of development of estate of the bag outside our country service is very great. Current, "Property of the bag outside the service is hot " many cities are arisen, but talent inadequacy is each district be faced with jointly " bottleneck " , the exploration of Nanchang city provided a lot of inspiration.  

Government, enterprise, groom the orgnaization makes base of talent solid example jointly

Base of IBM pioneer solid example is the achievement that company of Nanchang municipal government, IBM and tripartite of vanward software institute cooperate, nanchang municipal government takes out institute of software of pioneer of 3 million yuan of helps to build base of example of IBM pioneer fact, contributive the tuition of before 1000 student that 10 million yuan of allowance admit base of IBM pioneer solid example.

Student of base of IBM pioneer solid example from Jiangxi provincial the Jiangxi book that each college and outer province read is big 4 students are chosen batch. first phase flew a class in June last year, recruit 308 student in all, student provides for oneself except maintenance outside, do not need to give money tuition one minute. After student graduates, do not ask to stay in Nanchang to work.

Qu Zhonghua of IBM senior manager the development that from 2000 around begins to consider to the property is included outside world service. He says, talented person of the bag outside first-class service should have 3 requirements at least: Foreign language level, computer moves hand ability and professional accomplishment. But below system of our country active higher education, on one hand obtain employment of a lot of undergraduates is difficult, on the other hand, the talented person that transnational corporation wants to look for to know the computer to know a foreign language again already is very difficult still. IBM Dalian branch for invite applications for a job a Japanese crosses 2 class to have the computer again the employee of practical technology, want to pay hunt head firm fee of 8000 yuan of introductions normally, and very difficult still contented demand.

Outside develop a service in the light of this problem, base of IBM pioneer solid example hires a talented person. Base terminally solid example 9 months, basically include tripartite extent content: Of 3 months enclosed language study, the language closes nevertheless cannot enter below one phase to learn content; The computer of 3 months is practical the technology grooms, all by senior expert teachs inside course of study; 3 months let student make an item below environment of simulative IBM business finally, by the expert guidance of IBM.
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