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Yantai project in Xian released by the signing of 24 243 posts
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24 am, held in Xi'an, Yantai Economic and Technical Cooperation and the introduction of high-end talent promotion. Xi'an deputy secretary Wang Chengwen attended and delivered speeches. Yantai Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Chairman Sun Yongchun speech at the meeting, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor chaired Qiang Promotion, City Vice Chairman of the assistant to the mayor, City Development and Reform Commission Liang Wang attended the ceremony. Sun Yongchun on behalf of the municipal government promotion of the guests attending the welcome for the concern and support expressed gratitude to all the friends of Yantai. A brief introduction to the city's economic and social development, he said, Chinese history, Xi'an is known as film, culture, known as business cards and chip technology, is the central and western regions of important financial and commercial center, transportation hub and human intelligence information Heights, Humanities Xi'an, Xi'an Science and Technology, Xi'an style of modern eye-catching, vibrant. Since reform and opening, Xian, Yantai and closer exchanges and cooperation between. Previous "West Fair" Yantai have sent economic and trade delegation attend the Fair. In recent years, Yantai has organized an annual economic and trade delegation to Xi'an, negotiations and personnel exchange activities, more extensive areas of bilateral cooperation, exchange of increasingly high levels, to achieve mutual benefit and development laid a solid foundation. Sun Yongchun pointed out that currently, Yantai is seizing the provincial government to implement economic zone blue Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula, high-end industrial agglomerations and the Yellow River Delta Economic Zone efficient eco "three strategies," the rare opportunity to actively transfer way, carefully adjust the structure, accelerate the development of the strategic development of emerging industries, efforts to promote greater economic and social level in the new sound and rapid development. We sincerely welcome guests friends, to learn more about familiar Yantai, concerned about the support of Yantai, in the deepening friendship and promoting cooperation to achieve mutual complementarity and win-win development. We will be happy to smoke all kinds of investors and entrepreneurial talents to create a relaxed environment, provide quality services. Wangcheng Wen said in his speech in recent years, Xi'an, Yantai, exchanges and cooperation with the increasingly close, showing a good momentum of development. Want to promote this event as an opportunity to further establish close cooperation and exchange mechanism, creating conditions more conducive to cooperation and exchange, to trade in technology, equipment manufacturing, and other aspects of cultural tourism directional, multi-level, a new pattern of cooperation and focused . Play of the city at the city promote the image of economic and social development, the implementation of the introduction of two hundred high-end talent program videos. Department of Human and Social Security issued a demand for high-end talent jobs, and focus on economic and technological cooperation held the signing ceremony. Promotion 24 projects were signed, of which the city government and Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwest A & F University signed cooperation agreement 3, counties and city Youguanbumen 21 contracted projects, mainly related to aerospace, electronic information, machinery manufacturing, service industries; released by the post 243, involving more than 40 disciplines, including basic science, electronics, machinery manufacturing, finance, management, medicine, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, new energy professional. The promotion will attract the central enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, listed companies, universities, research institutes, National Defense Industry Office systems and other corporate vision, their city a favorable investment environment and good prospects for development performance a keen interest. Shaanxi Daily, Shaanxi TV, Xi'an Daily, 12 television stations in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Xi'an, the mainstream media interviews with the promotion, Xi'an Daily published special edition on the same day, "Aboriginal Wonderland • Wine City."
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