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There will be two in Henan recruit the talent market will provide 5,000 jobs
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On Thursday, the province will hold its fourth special recruitment marketing. Hiring three full-food shares, the Swiss group, Lucky Group Second Film Factory, Han Wei Electronic shares, shares of Guizhou Sheng Shilong side 110 pharmaceutical companies, provide jobs have a business vice president, Marketing Director, Regional Manager , marketing managers, sales engineers, channel manager, marketing, planning commissioners, investment managers, sales executives, pharmaceutical representatives, health consultant, sales desk, telephone marketing, online marketing, nearly 2,500 people, the demand for professional in marketing, computers, machinery, electronics, animal husbandry and veterinary, international trade, medicine and related mainly. 15 to 28 November, the National Human Resources employment services market, college graduates will be held weekly activity time. On Friday, the talent market will be held in Henan Province, Henan Recruitment Conference. Fu Jen Catholic participants Pharmaceutical Group units, I miss you date industry shares, the Security Technology Group, Tsingtao Beer Stock, Great Wall Broadband Zhengzhou Branch, and other 110 companies, providing nearly 2,400 kinds of jobs. One popular posts are: managers, personnel assistant, executive secretary, office clerk, accounting, treasury, foreign trade, marketing, customer service professionals, sales representatives, agents representatives, reserve cadres, required professional and technical posts, including: C + + engineer, java programmer , graphic design, mechanical design and manufacturing, project budget assistant, quality inspector and so on.
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