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Security room rounded out the high cost of land the city center will provide 4
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Masuda building affordable housing project officially start building. Yesterday, the Shenzhen Municipal Building Public Works Department announced that the Department and the Urban Renewal Authority recently held a live building affordable housing Masuda ceremony. Started so far this year in Shenzhen, the protection of housing projects, Masuda building located in the center of the protection of housing, 456 housing units will provide security for the personnel of rental housing, planned completion in August 2013. In recent years, with the Shenzhen customs of land infrastructure is completed, more affordable housing projects are scheduled outside of customs. Masuda building affordable housing located in the Futian District, Tamura benefits, with a total land area of 13,601.06 square meters, total construction area of 76106.21 square meters, including underground garage and equipment room 25845.34 square meters, 930 square meters ground floor commercial space. In addition, the floor apartments 24039.99 square meters, 22,000 square meters of commercial space on the ground, elevated levels 1064.82 square meters. According to the plan design, building height of 83 meters of the project, underground garage, layer 1-4, equipment rooms and commercial space; on the ground floor podium part 1-4 commercial buildings and post offices; 5 floors elevated level; 6-24 story tower portion of the ground personnel apartments. Description Municipal Building Public Works Department, the project can accommodate a total of 456 households for rental housing professionals. Currently, the total budget for the nearly 3 million. Structural part of the Urban Mass Transit Project Investment Limited on behalf of Metro Line construction, the entire project be completed in August 2013. It is understood that the project has been completed on the ground part of the cost of consulting, construction and strengthen the country review, supervision and tendering, and identified cost consultation units, units for plan approval and supervision units. ■ Glossary Talent rental housing In order to avoid high prices reduce the attractiveness of the city of talent, Shenzhen this year, vigorously promote the talent Anju project intends to offer below-market pricing of various types of human housing, including rental or purchase. According to the plan, started in 2010 housing type housing construction, land and housing for the city's new land for urban renewal projects in the annual co-ordination with construction on the total gross floor area of not less than 30% of the housing of Anju.
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